How can Rye deal with its parking chaos?

Parking Chaos SUS-141222-141629001
Parking Chaos SUS-141222-141629001

How on-street parking is enforced in Rye has become a burning issue.

At a full council meeting this month Rye Mayor Cllr Bernardine Fiddimore said: “We really need to get the ball rolling on this.”

She added: “Vehicles stopping illegally in West Street so people can use cash machines are still causing problems.”

Rye district councillor Sam Souster said: “On street parking is a constant concern in Rye and it causes obstructions and delays.

“This can only be controlled by some kind of regular enforcement. Civil parking enforcement has been introduced elsewhere.

“Where civil parking enforcement has been implemented charging has been the next step to cover the costs of enforcement.”

Police have launched a number of parking blitzes in Rye handing out dozens of tickets to illegally parked vehicles, but they say their resources are too stretched to guarantee regular parking enforcement.

In a recent meeting with Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne. Rye county councillor Keith Glazier was told that high cost crime is on the increase and she cannot afford to deploy officer to deal with parking issues.

Cllr Glazier said: “Civil parking enforcement is high on her agenda and it is high on ours but without the blessing of Rother District Council it cannot move forward.”

Love Lane resident John Howlett suggested naming and shaming those in the community who regularly park illegally and cause problems.

He said: “Why can Ashford Council carry out effective parking enforcement and not Rother Council?

“Tenterden is very hot on parking enforcement issues.

“We should consider sending letters to regular offenders pointing out the problems they cause and how inconsiderate it is.”

Cllr Granville Bantick has suggested the council could employ a warden to monitor parking as is successfully done in nearby Headcorn.