How much more can we take?

WHAT has been the wettest start to a year for more than a century continues to dominate the headlines this week as more rain takes its toll on our battered infrastructure.

The rail network has been thrown into chaos due to a series of land-slips while our roads are starting to resemble medieval cart tracks.

It is not all bad news though - the announcement that East Sussex County Council plans to spend millions on rural roads and plug pot-holes comes as a great relief.

We were reassured this week too after spending an afternoon with the local Environment Agency team.

Don’t believe the head-lines in the national media that criticise this organisation. What we found at Rye was a dedicated and hard working team, many of who are part of our local community.

We were impressed with their technical knowledge and expertise but also their passion and commitment and determination to do their best with very limited resources.

They have managed to keep smiling despite having to work around the clock while suffering criticism and in some cases abuse. They deserve the backing and support of the local community.

People have criticised the EA yet people seem to have forgotten DEFRA which controls them and sets the budgets.