How to keep your festivities green

Battle Waste and Recycling Group have recently produced an information sheet to help local households be aware that they can be a little bit more green over the festive season.

It encourages people to be more active in helping not to waste things unnecessarily and recycling things more.

The sheet has been supported by Rother Environmental Group and has been advertised by Rother Voluntary Action.

Bev Marks said: “Battle Waste and Recycling Group have distributed the sheet to all parishes in Rother and hope that it will be displayed on local noticeboards to give residents that little extra reminder about what they can do - so that their Christmas and New Year festivities does not cost the earth.”

Compost vegetables trimmings, tea bags etc. Metal bottle lids and cans can go in your green bin

Rinse any foil dishes and recycle in your green bin.

Flatten cardboard and keep it dry for your green bin.

After the Festivities take old Christmas greetings cards to Marks & Spencer in Hastings or Bexhill in January to help The Woodland Trust or put in recycling.

Biscuit tins, when empty, can be put in your green bin

Real Christmas Trees can go in your brown bin cut up or make a donation to St Michael’s Hospice who will collect and then dispose of it.

Artificial trees, if they cannot be reused, can be taken to Mountfield or Pebsham Recycling Facility sites.

The group says unwanted presents can be donated to any charity shop.

The group are inviting feedback on