Hub offers town a ‘wealth of love’

RYE Community Hub is aiming to bring local people together this year.

Based at Rye Club, in Market Road, the Community Hub is open on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Dennis Leeds-George said: “The aim of the hub is to provide a comfortable, friendly and welcome place for people to meet and to bring the community together through friendship.

“We also aim to support affordable living in the community.

“With cuts in public spending to compensate for the lack of public funds the hub will help the community to support its self instead of relying mainly on public bodies.

“The hub provides the opportunity for community groups, charities, associations, organisations, clubs and business to engage with one another and also to engage with the community.

“It is about creating a social wealth that comes from having people around us to help, to love, to care or to have fun with.

“The hub will embrace all of Rye and its surrounding rural district community whatever their age, gender, beliefs’, interests or stature.”

People can drop into the hub with a view to meeting friends and making new ones and to have a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.

They can also exchange books, magazines, CD’S, seeds and produce.

Mr Leeds-George said: “The Rye Club facilities are on one ground floor level.

“The club is located close to all the main amenities in the town.

“There is disabled parking, with a badge, right outside on yellow lines without causing an obstruction.

“Being located on one of the main thoroughfares in the centre of Rye, the hub can be used by local shoppers or people going about their daily business in Rye.”