Hundreds oppose plans to build beer garden homes

26/3/13- The Beer Garden of the Globe, Rye.
26/3/13- The Beer Garden of the Globe, Rye.

THERE has been a public outcry over plans to build two three-bedroomed houses in the garden of the Globe pub in Military Road, Rye.

More than 300 people have signed a petition against the plans and the application was rejected by Rye Town Council’s planning committee when it met on Monday evening.

The beer garden is below a steep cliff which has been subject to landslides in the past and Military Road residents fear it will increase the likelihood of more landslides.

There was a landslide in the Globe Garden in 2000 and a far more serious landslide in the late 1990’s which left a home uninhabitable.

Military Road resident Helen Ross said: “I have grave concerns about the building of houses on this site.

“They will be built under a cliff with trees which is very fragile and subject to landslides when there has been a lot of rain.

“Apart from that, the loss of the Globe Inn garden would compromise this historic public house which has a long social history associated with its garden and whose open space adds special character to the area.”

Resident Nicola Hill said: “The Globe is an unlisted building that pre-dates all the listed buildings in the Military Road Conservation Area.

“It has been a public house with beer garden since 1834 and is the only commercial property in Military Road and should be seen as an asset to Rye’s tourism industry.

“The ancient cliff is fragile and has water from it’s springs draining into the grassy open space which is the proposed site for development.”

Resident Margaret O’Neill commented: “The application is overdevelopment in a conservation area.

“There is water constantly running down that cliff.”

“The garden provides an outdoor area, especially for those with children.”

Resident Catherine Meacher asked: “Why take away part of the community’s heritage?”

Rye councillor Bernardine Fiddimore said: “This is a vulnerable area and it would be crazy to add to the landslip problems by building so close to the edge of the cliff.”

Cllr Nigel Jennings said: “This is within a conservation area and that bank is part of the character of that area.

“It is the only pub in Rye with a garden directly attached to it.”

Rye Mayor Sean Rogers said: “I have no problem with the design of the proposed houses themselves, but I don’t like to see this happen to a beer garden.

“We don’t want to see pubs and businesses closing.”

Cllr Granville Bantick said: “I am concerned about the location. There has already been a landslide there some years ago and any new buildings may be at risk.”

Those wishing to oppose or comment on the development have until April 5 to register their views. They can write to Rother District Council or leave a comment on the website at The application number is RR/2013/362/P.