Hurst Green

Colin Boylett

2 Park Farm Close

The Hurst Green Community Shop and Café. The glazed frontage with its sliding electric doors were successfully installed to the front of the building a week ago and this remarkable building, the former Roman Catholic Church is looking rather more like a shop from the outside. The last stage of the construction programme has involved the refurbishment of the large car parking space at the front of the building, which now has eight designated car spaces for customers. Those wishing to travel by bicycle, however, have not been forgotten, a local forger from Hurst Green has crafted a five foot high pennyfarthing feature with cycle racks for securing bikes to, which is being installed beside the car park.

The manager is working furiously on finalising stock lists and local produce lines and soon the shelves will be filled ready for opening.

Opening when? I hear you say. Rumour has it this should be by the end of the month.

In the meantime, why not go to the shop’s Facebook page, just go to Facebook and search ‘Hurst Green Community Shop and cafe’ for a sneaky photo of the inside of the shop – well worth a look!

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