Hurst Green

Colin Boylett

2 Park Farm Close

Eat your heart out Harrods!. Hurst Green shop and cafe is open, with its novelty items such as multi coloured pasta, stripped spaghetti and

coloured sunbrano hat shaped pastas to tempt cooks at fun dinner parties where there will be no shortage of conversation pieces.

It is nearly five years since the final church service in the former Roman Catholic church, built by Lord Longford, was held. After years of

hard work, fund raising and total commitment, the committee and shareholders celebrated with a champagne toast on the premises on Sunday

evening. In a brief speech James Acock expressed his thanks to everyone involved for this great achievment.

The shop opened for business at 7.30 am on Monday and a brisk trade was soon under way. Volunteers staff the shop and cafe in a very

professional way serving excellent food in a place of serenity with wide windows looking onto the trees and open space nearby. An

appealing menu at a reasonable price is on offer while scrumpious cakes with coffee or tea provide an opportunity to meet or treat friends.

The shop offers fresh fruit and veg of good quality as well as all the other basic requirements, also papers may be ordered for collection.A popular department is the book exhange with a choice of many subjects from the philosophical to the romantic. A post office service will be opening shortly.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7.30 till 6pm. Saturday 9 to 1pm. Sunday 10 to 1pm.

Hurst Green is fortunate to have several places to eat in pleasant surroundings as well as the garage store on the A21 but the new shop and cafe is situated in the village centre which can be reached by all without a car or having to climb a steep hill. Its opening is a milestone in the life of Hurst Green.