Hurst Green Village Voice

- The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 February at 7.45 at the Village Hall.

Anyone is welcome to attend and it is at these meetings when news of local events can be obtained.

They are very informative and comments may be made from non- councillors at the discretion of the chairman at the appropriate time.

- It was a pleasure to note a public spirited dog loving resident, fully equipped with clean-up bag, cleaning -up after the pet had done his duty in the road.

No one was about at the time so she thought, but still the mess was cleaned and taken away in a bag provided for that purpose.

At times one sees other dog walkers not being so decent, however, on the whole the problem is less than it once was.

Although the doggie parade can be seen at certain times of the day in great numbers, the consideration of dog lovers in this regard is appreciated by all.

- On March 2 there will be a special concert at The Meet of The Tongue given by national performer singer song writer Saffron Sumerfield.

Starting at 8 the meeting place is at Mistletoe Barn, off Silver Hill.

For all details ring 01580860 528. An evening to take you out of the stress of modern living.

- The details of the meeting to discuss the future of Holy Trinity Church have not been finalised to date but will everyone please think about this and give your opinions to the Parish Clerk/Councillors if you will not be at the meeting itself.

- At present the Revd. Jack Lusted is in charge of Hurst Green church affairs and will be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to use the church for a private event. Tel. 01580 880 408.

Services are held in Salehurst at 11am on Sunday also 9am in The Church Room, Fair Lane Robertsbridge for a short Communion service.

Etchingham services are advertised in the Etchingham Voice column.

- Tickets for the March panto are now on sale at Teknique - that is also where you can leave your gifts for our troops.

- The Historical Society meets on March 14 to hear David Martin ask “Who Lived in House Like This”.

- The mobile library calls alternative Fridays (not this week) in the afternoon at the village Hall.

- Jempson’s Peasmarsh bus picks- up at the George on Tuesday at 1.25 for shoppers.

- Chiropodist calls on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon at the Village Hall. Phone Mr. Harris on 01797 230 251 or 0799997948.

- For information on The Trefoil Guild ring Barbara 01580 819 330 In 1993 the Historical Society’s magazine, produced by the late and much respected Miss Nora Osborne, carried an article about the graves in the churchyard being listed following enquiries from relatives about family members buried there.

Was this ever done? Do any readers have any information on this? Who took part?

- All organisations are listed in the Village Hall where activities continue for all ages.

The Age Concern group meets at Robertsbridge on Mondays but transport is provided from Hurst Green.

Parish Clerk has details 01580 860 111. There is an answer phone but a message will be replied to.

- All items for this column to 01580 860 340 or

Flora Jenner Max Gate Burgh Hill