Hurst Green village voice

A word of warning from our community police officer. There have been some burglaries in Ticehurst and it is possible that a gang is touring the area again. Please be alert and secure sheds, windows, doors etc. when premises are unoccupied and report any suspicious behaviour in the area immediately.

In the recent warm weather some people had left windows wide open upstairs while out when ladders were left at the property easily visible. This is always dangerous but when the property is isolated and not overlooked it is asking for “visitors” to call and help themselves to valuable and irreplaceable possessions.

At the Parish council meeting on the last Tuesday of March much of the business was concerned with plans for the fete and Jubilee celebrations.

Following a special meeting to discuss these matters, dates and initial details are in place and full details will be published nearer the time. On June 1 there will be Barn Dance. June 2 is the Big Day with a procession of floats -with a £50 prize for the best one-followed by the afternoon fete with live music into the evening.

Everyone is working hard to make this memorable week-end a great occasion to be enjoyed by all.

The Annual Parish Assembly will be held on April 20. It is hoped as many people as possible will attend. Turn up at the Village Hall at 7.30 when opinions can be expressed and ideas contributed.

If residents have any matters they wish the Council to add to the agenda please submit these in a letter to the Parish Clerk at the Village Hall.

There is a letter box at the old door.

A resident had left a phone message concerning an issue but this was not picked-up. At times messages can be distorted or erased by accident. A written letter will go into the agenda file.

If you have knowledge or skill that would interest others and would like to teach it please inform Claverham Community College on 01424 775 375 or e mail Also, the College would like to know what courses would interest residents in Hurst Green.

There are courses planned by Uckfield Technical College and these will be advertised in Hurst Green via Royal Mail.

The Historical Society holds its AGM on April 11 at 7.45. Mr. Kevin Gordon will be displaying his collection of post cards. If you are not a member you will be welcome to come along and meet members and hear about the summer outings which the committee have been busily planning. Raffle and refreshments to complete a jolly good evening.

Meet of the Tongue continues on Good Friday with its poems, songs and readings at Mistletoe Barn, near Silver Hill starting at 8pm. Details 01580 860 528.

Holy Trinity Church is in the care of the Revd. Jack Lusted of Salehurst where services are at 11am or 9am in Fair Lane Robersbridge. For us of the church please ring him on 01580 880 408. Please note Etchingham services are at 10.30 and all details can be found in the Etchingham column.

Gifts for our troops may be left at Technique Hairdressers. Lesley is always pleased to see they are forwarded on and there is a good response from residents. Thank you one and all. It is also a chance to say Hello to her friendly little doggy who will welcome you.

This tail wagging little chap is not counted among those which are allowed to foul the paths in the woods. Dog walkers, please ensure the woods are kept acceptable for other walkers and children who like to play there.

Chiropodist calls at the Village Hall on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

For appointments please ring Mr. Harris on 01797 230 251 or 079999 948.

The mobile library will call next week ( 13) again at the village Hall on Friday afternoon. Alternate weeks are now in operation.

The Ageing Well project is under way and there are plans to hold meetings within the next few weeks to start-up the activities. Meanwhile, “Black Bin Day” social gathering are held for retired people - go to the Village Hall the day you put out your Black Bin and enjoy fun and refreshments.

Allotments are still available. Phone 01580 860 251 -first come first served and these are offered to people in other villages so get cracking if you want to get digging.

Great pleasure is to be had by joining the Short Mat Bowling Club. Phone Mr. Bogue on 01580 860 336.

All items for this column to 01580 860 340 or Phone preferred please.

Flora Jenner, Max Gate, Burgh Hill