Hurst Green village voice

Friday 20 April the Parish Assembly at 7.30 at the Village Hall. Please try to attend. All residents welcome. So much is planned for the future of the village and everyone has a right to take part, express views and enjoy the Community life.

We are all indebted to the hard working Parish Council for their efforts to make Hurst Green as pleasant a place to live as possible.

Visitors from Ellerhoop will come to Hurst Green from May 17 until 21. Host families are required to offer bed and breakfast and a packed lunch. In return, the events planned for the visitors may be shared with the host families. ring 860 251 or 860 698 or 860 331 to volunteer.

Meet of the Tongue holds its next evening on May 4 at Mistletoe Barn for poems, songs and stories. Ring 01580 860 528 for more details.

Those who could not attend the Historical Evening’s AGM and post card show missed a splendid evening. The AGM was a quick affair, as it always is, with the committee re elected en bloc but with an appeal for new committee members. The “Old Ruling click” are more than happy to welcome new blood into their deliberations! Everyone in the society is most grateful to them all for the hard work and leadership they give, always interesting things to do and places to visit plus an annual Big Binge and fun evening.

Mr. Kevin Gordon’s passion is post cards and this he shared with us on Wednesday evening. As a former railway policeman and a native of Eastbourne their were some delightful scenes of that lovely seaside town from the earliest days of post cards which reached their peak of popularity in the early 20th century. So popular were they in the latter part of the 19 century that a post office was set-up on top of the Eiffel Tower in 1889 but you will find no German post cards after 1914. The taste for the sordid is not a new TV thing - post cards showing scenes of brutal murders were sold in their thousands and guided tours were often part of the attraction to these horror scenes. Around Eastbourne, in WW1, the army camps were pictured with thousands of uniformed men, most of whom bought the cards to send home with an X to “Show That’s Me”.

Silk ones from France during the first world war and racy ones from that country, also, appeared as an ongoing feature for saucy boys to send to their mates. The British Rude Post Cards, with their double entoundre, brought gales of laughter from the amused audience.

After our global and time experience, we came home and there on the screen was dear old Hurst Green, with its wagon and horse, children in boots and no pavements, verges in exuberant foliage under silent sun and shadow on the timeless scene.

But even to-day you can buy eleven post cards of Hurst Green on ebay, with Ticehurst and Robertsbridge also showing an appearance.

Some cards can fetch as much as £50-70 so turn out the attic and go on eBay.

Or better still join the Historical Society and hear it all first hand.

The next meeting is May when Joanna Wilkins will tell the Secret Life of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Would anyone like to do some puppy minding in Etchingham? Ring 819104.

All matters concerning Holy Trinity church please refer to Revd. Jack Lusted on 01580 880 408. Services are held in St. Mary’s Salehurst at 11am and at

9 a short Communion Service is held in the Church Room , Fair Lane, Robertsbridge. The Rev. Liz France takes services for all ages at 10.30 in Etchingham. Details to be found in the Etchingham column.

Chiropodist appointments 01797 230 251 or 079999 9948. Wednesday and Thursday afternoon the clinic is open in the Village Hall.

Mobile Library alternate Friday afternoons at the Village Hall,

Next week, Black Bin Day brings an afternoon of fun to the Village from 2.30 at the Village Hall, go along and meet a jolly nice crowd of retired people - or on the verge - for that essential cuppa, chat and surprise entertainment?

Congratulations to allotments holders for the neat and flourishing appearance of the site - some still available ring 01580 860 251. But hurry- planting time is here or so I’m told!

All items for this column to 01580 860 340 or if desperate, email email needs a phone call left on the answer machine to check it is picked-up.

Flora Jenner, Max Gate. Burgh Hill.