Hurst green village voice

More seats were required to accommodate the number of people who attended the Parish Assembly and Hurst Green came to life.

There were reports from the various Councillors and others who run organisations. Opening the batting was Mr. David Hilbourne who is now Responsible Financial Officer. He has kindly agreed to take on this task after having resigned some time ago from the Council although he has kept in touch and done a great deal of work for the village in this regard.

District councillor. Sue Prochak informed the meeting that 41 houses are to be allowed in Hurst Green under the Core Strategy programme by 2028. The Council had objected to any further building until the by pass was built but this will not now be built owing to financial restraints. With Mrs.

Harniman’s report on the shop Mrs. Prochak gave details of the financial situation which is very good. The youth section of the village is expected to use it and become the key to its success.

A group of young people worked and won from Nat West an award of £6,000.

Mrs. Prochak wondered if it might be possible to pay a youth worker to “encourage and support the young people of Hurst Green.”

“East Sussex Council is considered to be among the best run in the country,”

she told the meeting.

The pilot scheme to establish Ageing Well clubs in Hurst Green is planning to work with the Friendship Club which enjoys its nick name “Black Bin Day”

as that is the day it meets.

The Brownies, run by Miss Eyres keeps up its long standing momentum of fun and good deeds. Camping, craft and entertainment take place regularly. She appealed for anyone with skills to come along and share them with the Brownies at one of their meetings. Also they will have a stall at the fete and would appreciate anything you can donate to sell. (01580 860 742) Mr. White. Headmaster of the school, paid tribute to his staff and pupils.

He said the “pupils are an absolute treat. The hardest working children I have ever met in my teaching career.”

His ambition is to make Hurst Green the best school in Sussex! He hopes school and village will become mutually involved.

The twinning Group had held a German Day at the school and other organisations are welcome to invite the children to their events when possible.

Mr. Bogue reported that the Short Mat Bowls Group was flourishing and new members are welcome -any age.

Comedy Capers has raised over £22,000 for Children In Need in the past eleven years as well as putting on its famous and popular pantomimes and social evenings. Some of the children who are members have been successfully auditioned for the White Rock shows this summer. Well done those who have given Hurst Green cause for self-congratulations and well done Comedy Capers for their talented company with Chairman Mike White in charge.

Like the headmaster, Mike wants the children of Comedy Capers to join with school theatre events. He Laos would like to see more people in their 20s and 30s joining.

Allotment Lady Mr. Maureen Harniman reported there is one plot left. The allotments Society is very grateful to the Parish council for their support.

Mrs. Cruse, the Village Hall representative, said repairs had been undertaken to a leak and that was under control.She said that bookings were down and a new boiler required.

Mr. Alan Huges gave an interesting report on the Historical Society which after 24 years still flourishes. An occasional newsletter is published which marks the changes in Hurst Green and seeks to note memorabilia. Meetings bring speakers and outings are planned. The late Tom Blinks, who sadly died recently, son of the former butcher, has left an amount of old photos and other items for the Village to keep. These had been in the possession of his late mother Mrs. Marjorie Blinks.

In addition to Sue Prochak’s report, Mrs. Maureen Harniman set out in details the sources of the financing for the shop and said it was not for profit but profits made “would be ploughed back into the Community”

After the meeting closed, which had been efficiently conducted by Chairman Graham Browne, those present enjoyed a buffet, with wine and nibbles of a superlative quality. Various questions were addressed over the tasty food!

Not among the consumers of this gorgeous repast was the sender of two emails. One concerned the notice for their Aladdin pantomime which still advertises this above the village hall as a reminder to take it down to avoid confusion. The other email points out that there have been no minutes appearing in the Internet since April 2011.

There will be a meeting of shop volunteers on 29 at 4pm .If you can offer any help please attend at the Old Catholic Church.

Also 29 April, 2-5 pm, the Aviation Museum on Silver Hill will be open for visitors to view the various displays which are well worth a visit. Although this may appear to be a “Man Place” there are so many items on view that will appeal to ladies, perennial items, photos, cartoons, memories of local heroes, and well cooked cakes on sale in the coffee lounge the last of which will appeal to all. The Society holds sales and coffee mornings from time to time, usually advertised on the road side near Bush Barn. If you can provide anything to sell at these events please ring 01424 773 428.

Local heroes brings to mind the late Lt. Col. Michael Mann MM, born at Hurst Green in May 1917. His daring exploits at Dunkirk are worthy of a book, there may be one already. Does anyone know more of his family? Where did the family live? He lived in Scotland for a time and then moved to Essex where he taught at Felsted School often wearing his hunting breeches under his gown.

ADvance notice of the Jubilee Celebrations. The Revd. Jack Lusted invites everyone to evensong and tea at 4 pm on May 27 (evensong to start at 5.30) at Salehurst Church. On July 1 there will be a Family Thanksgiving at 11 am which will include a display of art, craft, photos etc, Anything to do with The Queen will be accepted to put on display. Please ring Gail on 01580 880 238 or Evelyn on 880 892.

A most important meeting will be held on May 22 at the Village Hall on the future of the church at 7pm. The Dean will be present as will the Revd.

Lusted. Please do your utmost to attend as this meeting will decide what is to happen to our lovely church. The Revd. Liz France is leaving Burwash in August and therefore Etchingham church will have to make a change.

Due to the length of this column all notices of regular things have been held over until next week or appeared in last week’s paper for information.

One item only on this is that there is now a taxi service in Hurst Green

01580443 001 or 07967 493 180.

All items for this column to 01580 860 340 or Please note it is best to leave a message if email has been sent in order to ensure it is picked-up in time.

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