Hurst Green village voice

Volunteers are required to help in the new shop once it is under way. Contact Bob Janes 01580 861 321.

May 22 is a most important day for the village for at 7 pm in the Village Hall a meeting will take place to discuss the future of our Church at which the Dean will be present with the Revd Lusted. As most people now know, it boasts nationally recognised interior decoration as being a good example of the period of the William Morris genre.

Of greater value are the associations the church has with residents and former residents of Hurst Green whose families have been married, Christened or lie buried in the peaceful churchyard. Residents now living in the village should also the right to use it for their family occasions (the Revd. Jack Lusted of Salehurst will always accommodate people if they request use of the church 01580 880 408) and of course, local Anglicans may wish to attend Sunday services there without having to arrange lifts with kindly friends in order to worship elsewhere. A church is a focal point and Hurst Green needs such a community based facility, irrespective of one’s denomination or none.

More volunteers to help with the fete. Get on to bob and he will direct you to the person who will welcome you with open arms. The date is June 2.

Jubilee celebrations happen then so out with the flags from everyone. There will be a barn dance on June 1 and other things are planned. Notices of events will appear in Lesley’s hairdressers and in the magazine as well as this column - no excuses for saying “I wish I had known about that, I would have enjoyed it.”

The cricket season is under way with three away matches to open the fixture list. Please stop the Rain Dances now!

Gifts for our troops are still coming into Technique where Lesley ensures they are dispatched to Afghanistan, crisps, washing items, non-chocolate sweets, shaving gear etc are all acceptable, sent with warm greetings to those young men whose bravery cannot be admired enough.

Church services are held in Salehurst church at 11 am or in the Church Room.

Fair Lane, Robertsbridge at 9 am for a short Communion Service. Etchingham is at 10.30 with the Revd. Liz France who is soon to move -she will be greatly missed.

Meet of the Tongue continues and flourishes. Meetings for song, poem and story on the first Friday of the month at Mistletoe Barn. Further information from 01580 860 528.

Jeremy Harris, chiropodist, visits the Village Hall clinic on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Phone for appointments 01797230 251 or 079999 99 48.

Patients will be glad to know he is now feeling better after his miner indisposition.

The Friendship Club meets on Black Bin day - come to the Village Hall at 2 pm for games, chat and tea. Everyone welcome - better than staying at home waiting for the dustman to call.

Wine makers - a gentleman in Etchingham is looking for a good home for his wine making equipment as he is moving house. Mr. Bob Dinnage invites anyone in Hurst Green as well as Etchingham to phone him on 01580 810 431 if you would like to use these.

But don’t get breathalised!

Owing to another house move, about July, there will be a Hurst Green Village Voice column in the Battle Observer looking for a “new home” - don’t all get killed in the rush! It is important that local news is reported because much of the village’s news is read by residents, some ex-Hurst Green residents, in other villages. People like to support events and enjoy reading about what has happened even though they may not live here. The informative Parish Magazine covers only the village. If you feel you can take on this job please contact the number at the foot of this column and this contact will be handed on to the paper. The deadline is usually a Tuesday so the column can be written up over a week-end or on a Monday, if necessary, for covering an event held at a week-end. email is required.

There is a great deal of pleasure to be had by doing this and your spelling can’t be worse than mine. Oh, and a small remuneration each month.

All items for this column to 01580 860 340. or Phone/letter always preferred please.

Flora Jenner, Max Gate, Burgh Hill