Hurst Green village voice

It is hoped that a large number of people will attend on May 22 at the Village Hall at 7pm for a meeting which has been advertised for a couple of weeks already. This is a meeting of historical importance to Hurst Green as it will discuss the future of our interesting Church. Present will be the Archdeacon, Rural Dean and the Revd. Jack Lusted who is acting for all needs of the church at the moment. (01580 880 408). This matter concerns all residents of Hurst Green not simply those who are regular church goers.

Weddings , Christenings and funerals are part of everyone’s life and it is personal events such as these which are under review for the future at the meeting. Note the date now.

The first match of the cricket season was cancelled owing to weather conditions but the second , away versus Brasted and Sundridge, was lost by

5 wickets, In a 40 over game Hurst Green scored 141 with a depleted team, with top scorers Guy Ballard 36,Matt. Hardy 26 and Cox 20. Bowling gave Mike Hooker 1 for 15 off 8 overs and David Baldock took 2 wickets.

The next match is at home against Offham. A time spent in the quiet park at Drewetts Field watching Hurst Green playing and maybe knocking the opposition for 6 now and then, makes up for our beloved A21 with which we have to live.

The Aviation Museum, Bush Barn, Silver Hill is holding a jumble sale on May

19 from 2-4 pm. Any item for sale will be greatly appreciated. They run a rag bag recycling scheme which will take old clothing. On the day of the sale the Museum itself will not be open but it will re-open on May 27 from

2-5 pm. Contact 01424 773 428 for more details. Your support for this local feature, with its national associations, is welcome.

The Jubilee rapidly appears on the date horizon. Lots of people are working hard to give Hurst Green a chance to celebrate this wonderful landmark in our country’s history. Barn Dance and Fete are planned. Details to follow in this column and are in the parish magazine for May. Volunteers to help in any way, please contact Bob Janes on 861 321.

From the historical future we move backwards into the historical past in fact to 1066. At a meeting of the Hurst Green Historical Society, held on 9 May, Joanna Wilkins spoke about the Secrets of the Bayeaux Tapestry. Kept in a crypt for many years following a fire at Bayeux it was re-discoered while a grave was being dug for a Bishop when the grave diggers fell through a hole into the debris covered crypt. Who ordered its production? Was it Bishop Odo who influenced William the Conqueror to invade after Harold had broken an assumed oath? At that time gifts were exchanged by Knights and warriors after battles, The Saxons gave gifts as tributes to the conquerors, or for bravery, expecting no more in return. However, the Normans.when giving gifts to the victorious in battle expected the recipients, if the gift was accepted, to hold loyalty to the Duke or leader who had bestowed them. Harold was a Saxon who had received a gift from William. Was this what started the 1066 history-changing event? Edward the Confessor is also thought by some to have encouraged the work as much of it is copied from earlier or contemporary pictures. There are links with Canterbury in the work. It is believed that Nuns undertook the task of embroidery which shows the details of the Battle of Hastings and the Pevensey Feast; in fact, it acts as an early TV news programme complete with poor Harold’s hurt eye plus plenty of gore, headless bodies and other violence.It was condemned during the Victorian era as being immoral as it shows a naked lady among it’s images. The Historical Society will re-start evening meetings in September but it is running an outing on 25 July to Standen, East Grinstead.

Mr. Michael White, Mr. Comedy Capers, announced that a theatrical group, Weald Stories, is available to put on play readings, dramatic performances and story telling . Their current production is called “Crow on the Cradle - The Year 1066” They have raised over £10,000 in three years for charities and are available to perform for parties, public events, community projects, charitable organisations or individual occasions. Please ring 01580 860 355 for more information.

Regretfully, Mr and Mrs. Maurice Bogue have had to resign their long held positions as Chairman and secretary,respectively, of the Short Mat Bowls Club for family reasons. Everyone who has enjoyed playing over the years will wish to extend their gratitude to them both for the admirable lead they have given to the Club, the hard work they have done and the competent way it has been managed - not to forget the warm welcome received by all who visited or newly joined. Enquiries about the Club should be made to Mr. Ray Young 860 574 or Cllr. Graham Browne 860 118. New members welcome at all times.

The Friendship Club welcomes all on Black Bin Day at the Village Hall at 2pm. Tea, games, chat and good company.

Chiropodist visits the Village Hall Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Ring Jeremy Harris for appointments on 01797 230 251 or 079999 99 48.

Gifts for troops may be left at the Hairdressers in Station road and these will be dispatched. Lesley informs us that they continue to flow in. Keep it coming. Shocking reports in the national press that service men and women in uniform are being abused and insulted on British streets, unbelievably, makes it more imperative that we show our admiration and respect for these super people by giving material things as a sign of our total support for what they do for us and our way of life.

Sunday church services are held at Salehurst Church at 11 or in the Church Room, Fair Lane, Robertsbridge at 9 am for a short Communion Service.

Etchingham church meets at Details can be found in the Etchingham column or on the notice board outside Etchingham church.

There will be a vacancy for a Village Voice reporter within the next month or so. If you can fill the bill please phone the number at the foot of this column and the Battle Observer will be informed. You will need email, although I know a carrier pigeon is quicker and less trouble!

All items for this column please to 01580 860 340. or Thanks to all who leave phone messages to inform that email has been sent to the above address.

Flora Jenner, Max Gate, Burgh Hill