Hurst Green village voice

As this is being written there is still more to come -the Beacon at 10pm on Monday will have been blazing over the rolling Sussex -and parts of neighbouring Kent-countryside, which sweeps to the sea.

Other beacons may be seen from the high point of the Stage Field and these in turn point to those further afield and beyond the seas to circle the globe.

60 glorious years of Her Majesty gave Hurst Green the opportunity to celebrate with a crowded Barn Dance - reports of aching feet abound -and a village fete which was very popular and although some naughty drops of rain tried to invade the proceedings, the sun won and the music played till late, at which time the rain returned in stronger regiments.

The cake stall was a talking point being provided with cakes of almost theatrical proportions. The Brownies had sold out their stall by 2.30 and they plan a coffee evening soon so watch out for notices about this.

Good fun was had at Wendy and Graham’s stall where we had to guess which of the Councillors was pictured as babies.

The gentleman from Bexhill, Mr. Baker, who was mentioned in last week’s report about the church, who was born and brought-up in Hurst Green attended and enjoyed meeting old friends and visiting the village once again. He lived in Silver Hill.(Apologies for wrongly reporting that he lives in Hastings last week in the item about the church).

The best decorated float was judged to be the School one, but all were extremely well presented and colourful.

So now we must wait about 60 years for the next period of celebration- but we can expect more flags and goodwill to be expressed in a few years as the Queen moves towards her 90 year.

Given her fine example of how to stay young we can expect great things from the Ageing Well scheme which is part of a local Government initiative to provide activities for those over retirement age. As part of this there is to be a meeting with lunch provided, at the Village Hall on June 19. 10am Book your place now by ringing Becky Jukes on 01273 481 565 or Bob on 01580 861 321. Transport can be arranged if required. Ideas and general input welcome.

Etchingham Stores is looking very splendid and there is also good news about Hurst Green’s shop and complex. The response from shareholders has raised over £22,000, with this and other money provided work has been carried out on the drains and roof. There is a good chance of obtaining the lottery grant which will enable us to equip the building as required to a high standard.

The AGM of the Parish Council took place on the last Tuesday, 29, of the month. Cllr. Graham Browne was unanimously re-elected as Chairman with Mrs.

Chrissy Greenfield as Deputy. The Council members were re-elected en bloc and special sub committees were set-up for playing fields, footpaths, community representative, eg school, organisations etc. a Tree Warden was appointed. Cllr. Stuart Hill was officially signed-in, authorised and welcomed by members of the Council.

Cllr. Bob Janes led some discussion on the shop. He has been very industrious in this regard with special attention to finance and insurance matters. A great deal of discussion was centred on a community Project concerning computer studies. School will be approached to estimate how this can tie in with equipment, availability and general requirements. The Head has expressed his hope that village and school will work closely together so every effort will be made to organise a successful outcome.

Mr. David Hilborne presented the accounts in his capacity as Responsible Financial Officer for the village. These accounts are models of perfection in every way. County Councillor John Barnes took questions from Parish Council members about eg libraries and computer use .

The next Parish meeting is on June 26 to which all are invited.

The cricket match versus GTS was postponed for a number of reasons the weather was one!

Someone wants a cockerel, preferably light Sussex, at least a year old. If you have one/know of one phone 01580 819 130 A lady is offering an HP desktop F300, printer/ scanner/copier/ manual/disc free to good home. All in good working order with new blank cartridge plus colour part full.For this piece of spectacular equipment hurry to ring

07849 433 790.

There was once a drivers’ service in Hurst Green/Etchingham for use by visitors to hospitals and doctor’s/dentist’s appointments but it folded after a few years as drivers became difficult to replace. However,there is such a service at Burwash, which covers adjacent villages, and more volunteers are required there, ring 01580 819 321. Volunteers are also needed to offer an hour or so to organisations or individuals for general help as part of a County wide scheme. Please phone 01323 301 757 for more information.

If you are over 66, have an identified home maintenance task for which you are responsible, have less than £10,000 and reside in East Sussex, then you may be able to claim a Handy Person Grant. Phone 01273 336 003 Meet of the Tongue next meeting first Friday in July. Historical Society outing also in July 01580 880 983. Friendship club contuse on Black Bin Day at 2 pm at the Village Hall. Everyone welcome for a jolly friendly time in good company and there’s tea of course.

Chiropodist calls Wednesday and Thursday at the Village Hall . Call for appointments 01797 230 251 or 079999 99 48 Church Services are held in Salehurst Church at 11am Etchingham at 10.30. At

9 am there is a short Communion in church Room Fair Lane, Robertsbridge.

The vacancy for a correspondent for this column still exists to be filled by the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, all items for reporting please phone 01580 860 340 or Letter/phone preferred.

Flora Jenner, Maxgate, Burgh Hill