Laurie Bowman

Magpies, Oast House Field

Tomorrow, Saturday May 18 the monthly Church Market is held between 11am and 2pm. Plants and cakes for sale. light lunches, coffee and biscuits in the welcome atmosphere of our Norman church. If you are in the area why not drop n. All Saints is the fine building just off the A259.

Sunday May 19 10.30am Parish Eucharist Whit Sunday and Pentecost when the gift of The Holy Spirit is celebrated.

Sunday May 19 4am to 6pm The Queen’s Head Loz Netto - The Guitar Man

Recent road accidents on the A259 are a grim reminder of how dangerous the A259 is. It is amazing how many people - young and old -ignore the traffic light controlled crossing and recklessly go across the main road wherever they imagine that there is no risk. Use the lights and you are safe and you also slow traffic down. Drivers will become more cautious if they know there are frequently used traffic light controlled crossings ahead.

Oddly I get almost every week requests to write something about the dog fouling problem but it is rare to be asked about road safety.

Perhaps Icklesham should have some There’s No Such Thing as a Dog Poo Fairy posters. Regretably the concrete road going alongside the river at Rye Harbour has both posters and many dog waste bins but there is too much evidence that many dog walkers are still very inconsiderate.