Today Friday there is a Lent Lunch in the Memorial Hall from 12.30 to 2.00pm. The meal is homemade soup,bread, a choice of cheeses and a drink. There is a good chance of a chat and no charge. Just make a donation to this week’s chosen charity which is The Fisherman’s Mission.Last Friday £140 was donated to the Children of Chernobyl.

Sunday 30 March is Mothering Sunday with the Service in All Saints

Parish Church starting at 10.30. There will be posies for the children to give to their Mums.

The Baptism of Jessica Wendy Cranage will use the Victorian Font and Canon Hugh Moseley will conduct this most meaningful Service. Jessica was born on 31 August 2013 and is the daughter of proud parents Daniel and Carrie-Anne Cranage of Tithe Barn Field. Jessica’s Godparents are her Aunt and Uncle, Clare and Jamie Ovenden.

Thursday 20 March Mrs Daphne Davis’s 90th Birthday party was held at the Five Villages House. This was organised by The Board of Trustees,the staff team, the Social Club and the Mini bus Club. The room was full of her fellow residents,her family and all those who had worked hard to celebrate this important day. Mrs Barbara Ford spoke with great warmth about Daphne and presented her with flowers and a specially reprinted and revised hardback edition of “The Mustard Seed House”. Daphne wrote the first edition of “The Mustard Seed” in 2004. She describes how she had had the inspiration in in 1972 to have a home for the elderly where they could be cherished and still be independent.Her idea and her determination evolved into The Five Villages House which opened in 1979.Daphne and Bob Davis were the first Wardens and served for 7 years.Daphne’s seed has grown now to a house with 60 self-contained flats. The five villages were Fairlight,Icklesham,Pett,Three Oaks and Guestling.

Dexter and Karen of Icklesham Village Stores have a message being given out at the counter. It reads “ALDI THREAT and the uncertainty with our village shop.

We can only speculate into what the future could hold, with the closing of B&Q and the opening of Aldi.

A super market so close and with easy parking could potentially cripple our fragile existence.In this competitive world to compete with the likes of Aldi would be a struggle with slim odds in our favour.

Over the past 2 years we have had a fantastic response to the business and you the customers have made it the shop it is today.

With the above in mind we will be monitoring the arrival of the new Superstore and the impact it could/will have on us (Your Village Shop) over the forthcoming months.”

The Stores has become a vital part of community life. For example on Saturday 12 April from 10am till 12 noon. Mollie Thompson of the 14th Hastings Scouts based in Guestling will be selling locally taken photos and handmade bracelets. This is to raise funds for Demelza House the Children’s’ Hospice.

Icklesham-Ore is a 10 mile round trip of almost urban like motoring so the fuel costs have to be taken into consideration.

Sunday 30 March Queen’s Head Live Music is 4-6 rock n roll by Ricochet.

Wednesday 2 April Quiz Night in the Queen’s Head in aid of St.Michael’s Hospice.

Saturday 10 may and Sunday 11 May. Jo and Charles Sandemann-Allen are opening the gardens of Knockbridge House as part of the National Gardens Scheme. Teas,coffee and cakes will be available fom 11am to 5pm. Lunches will be served from 12.30 to 2.30pm.

Easter Sunday 20 April and All Saints with St Nicolas will be beautifully decorated with Easter Lilies. All are invited to remember a Loved One who has passed away by donating a Lily in memory of that person.If you wish to do so please contact Christine Overy on 01424 814927 or Janet Pegg on 01424 814735. Both ladies are also at the Lent Lunches or Sunday Church Services. The Lilies are £2 each and the list of dedications will be by the Lilies at the Altar.

Saturday 29 March is Quiz Night in the Memorial Hall.

Laurie Bowman, Magpies, Oast House Field