GREETINGS: I do hope everyone had a good time over Christmas, whatever you were doing. And it is my privilege to wish you all a happy, healthy and trouble free 2015.

CHURCH SERVICE: The service on 4th January will be Parish Eucharist at 10.30 am. This will be a special service marking the Epiphany. You know, when the ‘wise men from the east ‘ brought those gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the infant king. Probably no-one knows when they actually arrived, or where they came from, but it makes good story-telling.

QUEEN’ S HEAD: There will not be any live music at the Queen’s Head pub on 4th January. Normal performances resume on 11th with Tea Chest Blues.

WEATHER: www these days means something technical. But it could also apply to the weather this week - wet, warm and windy. Most unseasonable really.

ARCHERY IN ICKLESHAM: The Robin Hood Inn has agreed to the setting up of an Archery Club within its grounds. It is proposed to hold a meeting on 13th January at 19.00 hours, at the pub, to discuss the formation of the Club, and annual and membership fees. Please would everyone proposing to come to the meeting, either email Tom on tomxx10@gmail.com or phone on 0746 019 0289.

MURDER MYSTERY: Do you fancy yourself as a sleuth? Can you solve clues? If the answer is ‘ Yes’ then you should book the date of 24th January for an event in the Memorial Hall. A play will be performed, wherein all clues pointing to the perpetrator of the dastardly deed will be there for your attention. This is sure to be a very social occasion, raising funds for the New Pavilion. Ticket price will be £8 per person and supper will be included. But you must bring your own booze. There will be a raffle and any donations as prizes will be gratefully received.There will be a Table Quiz during the evening. Teams of up to six can enter, but if you have eight people for example, just make two teams of four. To book your team contact Stuart Baker on 814 408.

ICKLESHAM VILLAGE STORE: After a well earned break of a WHOLE day closed, our splendid shop will be open again today - 2nd January - for the normal hours.

Don’t go to Aldi, go to Icklesham !

CONTACT: If you have anything which you would like to appear in the Village Voice column, please contact me on 815 247. I can’t do it without you !! Just give me a call and I’ll do my best. Copy by Sunday each week please.

THANKS: It is my privilege to wish Mr. Laurie Bowman a Happy Retirement from journalism. He has served the village well for very many years.

AND FINALLY: May I wish you all a happy, healthy and trouble-free 2015.

Marion Lovell

7 Oast House Field