GREETINGS: I hope you are not afflicted by the nasty sore throat bug which is about. It also leads to a cough apparently.

CHURCH SERVICE: The 10.30 am service on Sunday 25th January will be Parish Eucharist celebrating the Conversion of St. Paul.

QUEEN’S HEAD: The Live Music on Sunday afternoon will be played by Smokestack, playing from 4 - 6. The music is described as Jazz n Blues.

ROBIN HOOD INN: The Burns Night supper takes place TONIGHT at 7.30 pm. Although it is a bit late, you might be lucky enough to find a place if you phone 01424 814 277. Worth a try if you fancy going.

ARCHERY: Tom has sent this report of the inaugural meeting. The meeting went well although the turn-out was disappointing. (Nasty weather that night.) But 13 “Outlaws” joined “The Bowmen Of Robin Hood.”, and with those unable to attend the meeting, the club should have about 25 Bowmen. That’s quite a lot more than the great man himself started with. The fees will be as follows :Juniors and Students £15 p.a.: Seniors £30 p.a.: non shooting members, parents or guardians of Juniors, £5 p.a. There will be a one-off joining fee of £50. There will be a beginners’ course of 4 x 2 hour sessions, times to be announced. The cost of this will be £40. If anyone joins the Club after a beginners course, then the fee will be only £10. The Outdoor season will run from March to October; the Indoor season from October to March. Target days will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 17:00 until dark. Saturdays 10:00 until dark. An indoor venue is needed. If anyone knows of a suitable place, please advise Tom. As soon as membership forms have been received, notice will be given of an Annual General Meeting, where officers of the club will be elected and the Constitution of the Club agreed upon. There is a website at bowmenofrobinhood.co.uk, a Facebook account at bowmenofrobinhood and an account at bowmenofrobinhood@gmail.com. When you consider that a long bow costs in excess of £500, the figures take on a different perspective. Tom has raised over £700 already towards restoration of the church clock.

WEATHER: The jet stream is up to its tricks again, dragging cold air down from the arctic. This morning is what you might call a ‘cold and frosty morning.’ but the welcome sun is shining at the moment. The winds were horrendous at the end of last week and the standing water is testament of the amount of rain which fell.

SPRING: It hasn’t sprung yet, but if you are going to Rye, do take pleasure in all the daffodils flowering along the roadside verges of Winchelsea. I bet they danced a merry dance in last week’s gales.

CINEMA: The new Kino cinema has opened in Rye. There are 2 screens and I am told that it is a lovely setting. Lots of people were socialising in the refreshment area. They are serving snacks and hot light lunches. Their e-mail is www.kinodigital.co.uk and the phone number is 01797 22 62 93. No parking though.

SCHOOL NEWS: After the fantastic Ofsted report at the end of last term, more good news has been received. David Laws, Minister for Education wrote to congratulate the school on achieving 100% level 4Bin all subjects in the end of year SAT tests. In East Sussex the school was one of only 3 schools to achieve 100%, and nationwide there were 149 schools. The Friends will be holding a Valentine’s Disco on Friday 6th February from 3.15pm, £1 per child. The School Council has asked for support of the British Heart Foundation at the disco, by wearing red. Children will be out in the playground with collecting buckets on the day. There will be a Bring and Buy Sale on Friday 30th January from 3 pm. Today, 23rd, Ed Boxall will be in school for an Arts day. 29th sees Able Maths students visiting St. Thomas, Winchelsea. The awards this week go to Jasmine and Dylan for the Head Teacher Award; and Lola,Rosie, Cameron L, Lauren, Ned, Harry, Hatty and Minnie for really good work during the week.

SURVEY: Do you feel like conducting a mini survey each time you are out in the car at night? I seldom take a journey without seeing one or two, sometimes three or four, cars with deficient headlights. Sometimes this gives the impression that the approaching vehicle is a motor bike, when it is a car with only one light. Is there no compulsory test? we could all check our lights or get a family members to check with us. I am sure it is dangerous.

CONTACT: If you have news items, announcements or reports which you would like me to include in the Village Voice, please ring 01424 815 247 or pop round. I have an e-mail which I will tell you if you ask, but I do not wish to publicise it. Copy by Sunday please.

AND FINALLY: May the sunshine continue through the week, and dry up all the rain. Incy Wincy would be pleased!

Marion Lovell

7 Oast House Field