GREETINGS: Welcome to “February Fill Dyke”, as the old saying has it. The dykes are pretty full already.

CHURCH SERVICE: The 10.30 am service on Sunday 8th February will be Parish Eucharist for the second Sunday before Lent.

QUEEN’S HEAD: Live music this coming Sunday will be played by Highway, the style is Rock.

MARATHON: Ian at the Queen’s Head has signed up for the Hastings Half Marathon 2015, to be run on Sunday 22nd March. He says,” If you are willing and able to help, I am ambling round the town to raise money for St. Michael’s Hospice. You could pop in to the Queen’s Head or the Royal Oak and drop your change - coins or notes - into the collection boxes on the bar, or use this link - http://www.justgiving.com/IAN-mitchell24 to make a donation by card.” I am sure lots of people in the village will wish to support Ian.

WEATHER: We were threatened by a very nasty forecast which has not materialised. It is the fault of that jet stream again, which is looping far south over Spain, dragging arctic winds over Britain. Today the sun is shining really quite warmly, although the temperature is a bit low. But hey, it is still winter !

FLOWERS: A small survey around and about has produced the following list of brave flowers cheering us up: camellia, cyclamen, crocuses - or should that be croci? daffodils, pansies, primulas, pulmonaria and the verbena still has flowers. And a really massive dandelion is braving the cold wind in my garden.

FLOWER CLUB: The next meeting will be on Tuesday 10th February at 2.15 pm in the Memorial Hall.The title for the meeting is “Sweet and Simple.” So why not pick a few bits from the garden and see just what you can do with them. For more details ring Christine on 814 927.

COFFEE MORNING: There will be a coffee morning in the Memorial Hall on Saturday 14th February from 10.30 am until 12 noon. this is to raise funds for flowers to support the Church Flower Festival at the beginning of July. The title of the flower festival this year is “My Favourite----------” and Christine Overy is hoping that this might inspire people to come and help with the flower arrangements. Please consider helping as you do not have to be a flower arranger, only have a little bit of imagination. Christine will be available on the morning with a suggestion list for those that need it, and to discus anything you may wish to know. There will be the usual home made cakes and jams for sale and even a few plants, so even if you do not wish to be involved with the flowers, it should be a good social morning with coffee, biscuits and friendly conversation.

PANTOMIME: The Icklesham Players present “The Sleeping Beauty of Icklesham” a Pantomime in two acts written by Nicky Harris and Josie Body. It is playing on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th February at 7.30 pm. There will be a matinee on Saturday 28th at 2.30 pm. Tickets at £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for children available from The Icklesham Stores or by phone from 01424 812 996. There will be refreshments and a raffle.

ARCHERY: Tom has sent this information through. The Robin Hood Inn is booked for Tuesday 3rd March at 19.30 for the AGM. At this meeting, the Club Constitution has to be approved, members selected and elected on to the Committee. If anyone would like to volunteer themselves for an office, then they can be elected. Only fully paid up members will be eligible to vote and will become Founder Members of the Club. All Founder Members will have their £50 joining fee reimbursed by either cash or two years’ free membership once all debts to me have been repaid and the Club is making a suitable profit. The Club fees will be as follows; Seniors £30 +£50; Juniors £15 +£50 + non shooting Parent/Guardian £5 = £70. There will be concessions for families and 2 or more adults i.e.wives and partners. If in doubt, call me on 0746 019 0298.

SCHOOL NEWS: Lots more Bronze awards have been given this week particularly to the children who used to struggle to get to school on time every day - and now can ! The Valentine’s Disco takes place today at school. There will be a separate collection to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Monies raised at the disco will be used to fund playtime games .The Headteacher award this week goes to Corbyn, with special praise also for Georgina, and the class awards go to Lily-Rose, Renn, Dylan, harry, Charlotte, Rye and Cohen. Amber Rudd is due to visit the school today, Friday.

CONTACT: If you have any news items,reports or announcements which you would like included in the Village Voice, please ring 815 247 or pop round. I have an email address which I will tell you if you ask me. Copy by Sunday please.

AND FINALLY: May I wish you a pleasant week with not too much snow.

Marion Lovell

7 Oast House Field