GREETINGS: Aren't the nights drawing in? It's been lovely getting out for a walk this week, and lots of other people thought the same. But I really don't want to be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. Charities and catalogues are all full of 'essential' Christmas gifts and cards, and it's too early. In my opinion, all this advertising should be banned until December appears on the calendar. Hope you've had a pleasant week.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 7:00 am

CHURCH NEWS: The Parish Eucharist at 9.30am will be led by Fr. Barry Carter. This is Trafalgar Day. Also Apple Day when a celebration of apples and orchards may take place. Tuesday 23rd is remembered as James of Jerusalem‘s anniversary. This James was the Lord’s brother and not one of the twelve apostles. But he was among those to whom the risen Lord appeared before the Ascension. He became a leader of the Church in Jerusalem and is regarded as its first bishop.On Friday 26th we remember Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons in 899. I wonder if he really did burn those cakes?

WEATHER: “It’s a warm wind, the west wind, full of bird’s cries.” And although it was blustery, we were very fortunate not to get the torrential rain which has caused so much damage in Wales. As I write, it is drizzling soft rain which may water the gardens nicely.

There are two reports from Stuart: Thank you. First we have

THE QUIZ REPORT: Thanks to the 10 teams that supported last Saturday’s Quiz which raised £211 for Icklesham Trust Funds. Saints & Sinners, 30 Something’s, One Out all Out, Team Name were joint early leaders of Round 1, The Squinters and Golden Arrows were next to take the lead, Friends & Family, We brought snacks not knowledge and Flower Power were having some good rounds. In round 7 Nobby’s Nuts played their Joker and became challengers but in the end The 30 Something’s were consistent and ran out comfortable winners. Thanks to those that donated raffle prizes, Sean and Mags for their help. The next Quiz is 10th November followed by 8th December. Comment below to book a team or email [email protected]

PAVILION LOTTERY DRAWS: Good afternoon everyone, apologies for delays with Pavilion Lottery Draws but last Saturday, we were able get up to date the winners are: Drawn by Marc Baker August 1st Prize £50 Ladies Darts , 2nd £25 Janet Thompson, 3rd £20 Colin McPhail, 4th £15 Brian Sokell , 5th £10 Eve Ovenden and 6th £5 Peter Drew. Drawn by Amelia Sayer September: 1st £50 Lyn Hayworth, 2nd £25 John Taylor, 3rd £20 Judy Foster , 4th £15 Will Brand , 5th £10 Sylvia Garret and 6th Ladies Darts. Drawn by Lila Sayer 1st Prize £50 Stuart Baker, 2nd £25 Poppy Stewart, 3rd Prize £20 Tracey Young, 4th Prize £15 Ladies Darts, 5th Prize £10 June Carter and 6th Prize £5 Maria Greenwood. Thanks to all that support !! New Members are always welcome to join . If you are stuck for a Christmas present enrol a friend or family member for 1 year £12 (12 x £1 monthly draws) [email protected]

QUEEN’S HEAD: The live music at 4 pm will be played by Cut the Mustard.

ROBIN HOOD BONFIRE SOCIETY: The procession along the A259 from the Memorial Hall to the field will take place on SUNDAY 4thNovember. As a change from tradition, it has been decided to hold this wonderful event on the Sunday nearest to 5th, to make it more accessible to families. I can follow the reasoning, but I regret the loss of festivities on the actual date.

CONTACT: Please keep information about events coming my way. Thank you.

AND FINALLY: Term 1 ends today. I have no school news. Only one more week before we have to change those flippin’ clocks. Then we shall really feel that the summer is over. I do not enjoy the long, long evenings of darkness. I am fortunate in being able to get out, but there must be many people who do not feel safe out in the dark. Have a good week.