GREETINGS: How are you getting on with the road works? It is a real pain to have to come home from Hastings via Winchelsea Beach. Has anyone been let through and guided in? It rather looks as though there is work going on with electricity cables. The road cones with zig-zags on are rather jolly.!!

Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 8:13 am
Updated Wednesday, 26th September 2018, 8:14 am

CHURCH NEWS: The 9.30am service on Sunday will be Parish Eucharist led by the Vicar, Rev. Jonathan Meyer. Please note NOW that next week the service will be Choral Evensong at 6pm, with no morning service. This is a Benefice Service because it is the 5th Sunday of the month. Also this Sunday there is the Praise service at St. Richard’s, Winchelsea Beach, followed by tea. They are rather good at Teas at the Beach !! This will be at 4 pm. The Harvest Supper will be on Saturday 6th October – NB change of date – at 7 for 7.30 pm. Please see Janet Pegg for tickets costing £7.

WEATHER: We have had some lovely warm sun, but doesn’t it rapidly become chilly once the sun has gone down? Sunday 23rd is the Autumnal Equinox – equal hours of daylight and darkness. So we know what that means – downhill all the way to Christmas. (Bought any cards yet?) The full moon on Tuesday 25th is the Harvest Moon, and it should be low in the sky and very bright.

HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY: The Autumn Show will be on Saturday 29th September. To enter write your name and address on a piece of paper, and the class numbers you wish to enter and include 20p per class. Deliver this to 22, High Fords by 7pm on Wednesday 26th September. Staging is between 8am and 10am on the morning of the show and it opens to the public at 2 pm. There is a class for the best dessert using seasonal fruits, which is kindly sponsored by Kate and Syd of Manor Farm Oast. This show also includes a Children’s section.

QUEEN’S HEAD: The live music on Sunday will be played by Mylde Steel playing Covers. Can’t find me list, so not sure if there is a Quiz on Wednesday !

AEROBATICS: Can anyone tell me anything about the plane which goes up on fine days and seems to defy gravity? It is a biplane, perhaps a Tiger Moth, and is flown by a very skilful pilot. It loops-the –loop,. does barrel rolls, and dives towards the ground spinning as it goes. I am always relieved to see it climbing heaven- wards again. But who is it? Where does the plane come from and take off from? Is it a Tiger Moth? I would be most interested to hear.

SCHOOL NEWS: Next Friday, 28th, the school is supporting the Macmillan Coffee Morning between 9 – 11 am. They are particularly remembering Amanda Crisford who passed away after a very brave fight against cancer. A Breakfast Club will be available each Friday morning from 8am until 8.45 am when children will be brought onto the playground under the supervision of staff. This will be a “pay in advance” service. All the classes have chosen new names. Now we have Bears, Orangutans, Panthers and Pythons. The Headteacher’s awards this week go to; Bears, Charlie for being kind to the new children; Orangutans, Eleanor for being kind and caring to others; Panthers; Millie for helping others in the classroom; Pythons; Mia, for being a super star in class. The awards for good work are as follows; Bears, All the new reception children for a super start to school, and Evie; Orangutans, Bryony and Arthur; Panthers, Leo and Isla; and Pythons, Sophie and Ruby-Jude. The Politeness award goes to Layticia in Bears Class; the Caretaker was best pleased with Python class; the attendance award goes to Bears and House Points go to Windmill House. Well done everybody. Harvest Festival will be on Friday 5th October at 9.30 am in Church.

CONTACT: If you have anything happening in the village, and you would like it mentioned, please get in touch. Thank you.

AND FINALLY: Enjoy all the late colours, and roses, and dahlias, and plums and pears, and spectacular sunsets and be thankful that we don’t have hurricanes. Have a good week.