Marion Lovell

Abingworth, New England Lane, Playden

How long is it to July 27 and the Iden Fete? Not long now. Carol Bourne is collecting items for Bargains Galore, and will be pleased to receive any contributions of books, bric-a-brac, men’s, ladies’ or children’s clothes. Ring her on 280 464 to arrange a collection or to find out more.

Since all energies are concentrated on the fete, there is little to report from Iden this week.

The service at 9.30am on Sunday will be Parish Communion, led by the Rev Teresa Munro.

Iden Parish Council met on Tuesday July 2 at the Village Hall. Four parish councillors were present with apologies from Chris Wood who was attending a Fete Committee Meeting. Both district councillors were in attendance and apologies received from county councillor Keith Glazier who was at a conference. Six members of the public were also present

Under Planning it was reported that approval had been given for the recent application from Moat Farm house and support was given for the change of use from agricultural for the May House. The application for a new dwelling on the land between the Bell public house and the Garden House was not supported and comment made upon the need to clean up the site irrespective of whether permission is given for a house. The need for this site to be declared a Community Asset under the recent Localism Act was agreed, bearing in mind that until approved otherwise, it remains part of the Bell’’s garden and as such a village amenity.

Problems have recurred with dog fouling in the playing field and a letter will be sent to one of the owners concerned. The PCSO is being asked to pay occasional visits to the playing field and if necessary on the spot fines of up to £75 will be imposed on the owners who are not clearing up their dogs’’ mess.

There was a lively debate about the need for a new replacement notice board at the Randolph Lane end of the village which would cost some £1,250. The view is that this notice board is an unnecessary expense and the money could be better spent by having an information point in the Village Hall which is frequented by many more residents and where leaflets etc would be on hand. It was agreed that residents who live near the old notice board would be advised this is not being replaced.

The bus shelter opposite the Bell is badly in need of roof repairs and it also seems the rest of the woodwork will need attention. This will be investigated once the nesting birds there have finished hatching their family.

District councillor Osborne gave an update on the Core Strategy Review now being undertaken by Rother following the Government’s request that it finds more housing than originally agreed. It now appears that up to 2028 Iden may have to find 20 new dwellings, not 15 but this has yet to be agreed.

There will not be a meeting in August and the next one will be on Tuesday September 3 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.