Gill Griffin, Belfield, Main Street

Winter, especially this winter, reminds me of a naughty child, sent upstairs to play out it’s tantrum. What is it going to throw at us next, we ask ourselves. Never fear though, it’s tirade will end, and before we know it, the snowdrops will be carpeting the churchyard once again.

For now though it’s a waiting game. Right now I’m happy to wait it out until the spring buds appear. Iden is battling against the elements regardless . The Fete Committee, held their annual dinner at ‘The Bell’ on Saturday 18th January, and very nice it was too! People look so different, without those red T-shirts they wear, which say ‘Iden Fete Committee [there are some good looking folk in this village] An evening of lovely food and good company..

The Iden Horticultural and Garden Society held their annual party on Saturday 25th January at 7.30pm in the village hall. It was unusual to find it’s members arriving in the village hall without their amazing displays of flowers and fruit and vegetables. Well I’m telling you that they all deserved a party , because anyone who actually knows what answers lie in the soil gets my vote. Even the common earth worm turns it’s nose up at my garden , but these folk are at one with nature. They are the very antithesis of a superficial world The food was lovely [ these green- fingered people can cook too.] Maurice Metcalfe compiled a quiz, enjoyed by all. It was a very good evening. I look forward to seeing their produce in the near future.

The Iden Parish Church Family Service of Holy Communion, will be on Sunday 2nd February , at 9.30a.m. Welcome back to Teresa, our Vicar. Nice to have her back in the pulpit. Thank you to Geoffrey and Stella and Alison for holding the fort while Teresa was unwell..

Iden short mat bowls is held every Wednesday from 2-4pm in the village hall. Anyone wishing to join, or just have a go, can contact Teresa Parsons [telephone 01797 280143]

NOW, who’s been clearing out their cupboards to make room for the Christmas presents---- Well there will be a jumble sale in aid of Iden Bowls Club, TOMORROW 1ST February at 1pm in the village hall. Jumble should be at the hall by 10am.No electrical goods. I do love a jumble.. We all love a jumble sale don’t we, and it should be a good one.

I don‘t know if you know, but BINGO IS COMING TO IDEN. Yes!, it starts on 6th February . Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. There will be tea/coffee and biscuits at half time. Ray Griffin has a posh new bingo machine, and is ready to welcome anyone prepared to cross off numbers for the chance to win a cash prize .All are Welcome .Something fun to do on a winter afternoon in the village hall.

Now, I don’t know what Rae Wickens added to her baby rice but, whatever It was. she raised two benevolent girls , Carol Bourne and Sue White [angels ] who do much for the village. If we can’t find either of these two ladies they will be in some wee corner of Iden sorting jumble ,either for BARGAINS GALORE, or the Cricket club. Actually, I think they would do it anyway, with or without a cause. [jumble can be very addictive] Of course, eventually they will have to be weaned off it! Sue may be found on a kneeler with a trowel, weeding our war memorial, and Carol will be presiding over the WI [she is the president of the WI no less.] AND a thespian. She is in the production of Red Riding Hood’ to be performed in March, in the village hall . There is nothing these girls can’t turn a hand to, and they support each others causes. They probably borrow each others frocks Too. So Rae get down to that medical center and give a talk entitled “How To Deal with Sibling Rivalry The Rae Way”, because it seems you have done a good job.

.Sue White, and her colleague ,Tracy Bennett spoke at an open meeting of the W I ,on Tuesday 14th January at 7.30pm, in the village hall .Both ladies are members of the charity ’BACE’ , which has been helping a village in the Gambia. They have built a school, and are now half way through building a clinic .Excellent work, helping people who have so little and appreciate so much.

Sue was in the Gambia in November [2013] and told of their shortage of many items, including, soap and seeds for growing food , Plus medical items Anyone wishing t o contribute to the charity can contact Sue on [telephone 01797 280453]

The ladies of Iden have been making marmalade, it’s that time of the year again.[thank you Min for our jar, it was lovely] I’m telling you, we can’t buy a Seville orange around here for love nor money. These preservers like their predecessors make the best use of our harvest and our hedgerows. These are strong women, aware that the harmony required for hearth and home is dependant upon what meagre offerings are cobbled together on a floured table. They are ‘Lark Rise To Candleford’, they are ‘Cider With Rosie,’ They are worthy women .[pinnies off now girls] Don’t tell them I buy my marmalade from the supermarket. I have a hard enough job holding my head up around here as it is.

Keep well it’s still chilly.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Village Voice, please contact Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]