Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street

There has been so much in the papers lately about the Oscars hasn’t there, but let me tell you ladies and gentlemen of Iden, we are having our own little red carpet event in the village hall this very month. “Pardon me”, I hear you say[incredulous] Well Hollywood eat your heart out, because Bob Hammond has written a wonderful script for the pantomime ‘Red Riding Hood’, which is to be shown in the village hall on Friday, 28th March at 7.30pm, and Saturday 29th March, at 2.30[matinee], and 7.30pm for the evening performance. Tickets are on sale in Iden Stores at £5 per adult, and £3 per child. They are also obtainable if you ring Teresa Parsons [telephone 01797 280143].

The thespians are out in force, and a word of advice, humour them whatever you do. What we mere mortals have to understand is that a combination of stunning good looks, and that raw talent, can be a cross to bear. These thespians must long to be just Joe Ordinary. Fran and myself are doing teas [we couldn’t compete, so we just head for the nearest serving hatch and start pouring] Our job is to be the equivalent of a theatrical landlady, so we keep brandy and smelling salts behind the tea urn [it’s a case of having to]. They are very emotional these theatricals, but they, usually straighten out after a few puffs blown in and out of a brown bag!.

Here in Iden we are so much more fortunate than Hollywood, because we can leave our Alexander Mcqueens and our Manolo Blahniks in the wardrobe, put on an anorak and some jeans, and maybe a bangle or two, and just arrive in the village hall for a great show. We will have Uncomplicated, unadulterated fun. It’s going to be hilarious, so get your tickets now before they sell out.

Anne Banning has given me the rainfall for February. We had one dry day on Sunday 23rd. Overall rainfall for the month was 181.6mm [7.15inches] On Thursday 6th Feb. there was heavy wind, and 30.4mm of rain. Rainfall for, Friday 7th Feb, was 12.0mm, and for Saturday 8th was 17.8mm. Thank you Anne

I’m in a bit of a state, but I’ll try to impart to you the forthcoming and recent Iden activities. My husband is one of the ‘thespians’ in ‘Red Riding Hood’ you see, and quite honestly, I don’t think I can stand much more .Since rehearsals have started he’s become very demanding [“No you can’t have cast members round for smoked salmon canapés, what next---have a Hobnob”] .

The service of Holy Communion will be held at Iden Parish Church on Sunday March 16th at 9.30 am.

There will be a Pop- In at the village hall on Monday17th March at 11am. Do come along, everyone is welcome for a nice gossip, and tea/coffee and biscuits. Books and bric a brac are for sale. Proceeds go to the village hall.

There is Bingo in the village hall on Thursday 20th March, at 2pm. Eyes down at 2.30pm. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s a chance to win a cash prize. A light tea will be served, and a good time will be had by all. Iden residents and anyone from surrounding villages are most welcome.

Tomorrow at the village hall, Paul Parsons is having a table sale in aid of animal welfare.. There will be bric a brac, crafts, a raffle, jumble, homemade cakes and produce and tea and coffee. Do come along from 1pm-3pm.It sounds like fun.

Apparently Red Riding Hood is looking for raffle prizes to help fill up a basket of goodies to take to Grandma .Can you help her, if so Teresa Parsons would be glad to hear from you. Please call her on 01797 280143, There will be a raffle after each performance of the panto, and donations would be very gratefully received..

Now 11 year old Samuel Mills from Iden. has been a very busy boy of late helping others. In February, he did a sponsored skip at Playden School , and raised £180 for the British Heart Foundation. As if that wasn’t enough, he has been beavering away planting daffodil bulbs, and spent a Saturday and Sunday morning outside Iden stores recently selling the bulbs in aid of All Saints Parish Church Iden. In all he grew 80 pots, and raised £135 for the Friends of the church. Well done Samuel !

Michael Miller has for a long time given an in-depth report in the village voice, on Iden Parish Council meetings. We thank you Michael, for your unfailing accuracy , and for sharing with us every month the important happenings which ultimately affect all of us living in Iden. .Michael has now decided instead to post the Parish Council minutes on the Iden Web Site.[] and on the village notice board, for our perusal. We do need to utilise our website. It’s nice to see people attending the Parish Council meetings .This recent rough weather has reminded us that ‘No Man Is An Island’ , and we need to hear first hand from Local Councillors and Parish Councillors, any changes which could directly affect us as individuals, or as a community. Also to put forward our own questions in this rather unsettled time .Severe weather conditions and a lack of money in council pots gives rise to a need to ‘be in the know’.

The Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 4th March, was one such meeting. Michael Miller thanked the people who delivered the blue I.C.E. forms to all households recently .I.C.E ,stands for Iden Community Emergency Forum., as the forms explained. .Michael thanked I.C.E stewards for visiting households individually .They explained the form and ascertained the more vulnerable residents who may be at risk at times of severe weather etc. Also, and very importantly, they found out what resources we have in the village in case of an emergency situation.

There were Parish council Agenda changes explained at the meeting. Local Councillors will now give their reports at the beginning of the meeting instead of at the end, so that the public can ask them questions directly afterwards.

Councillor Paul Osbourne reported that a new refuse regime is imminent, and that all households will receive a letter informing them of the changes in refuse collection.

From July 1st building plans will be posted on the Rother Website for councillors and public to peruse. Whether or not they will be sanctioned will be discussed at Parish Council meetings, but councillors will not be sent copies of plans, as they were previously.

A quote has been accepted , and plans are going ahead for a new roof for the bus stop opposite ‘The Bell’.

Speaking of ‘The Bell’, our pub held a tea party on Thursday 6th March, and raised £200 for the East Sussex branch of Dementia ‘U.K., WELL DONE John and Lindsey.

The Parish Council A.G.M. will be on Tuesday 1st May.

Have a lovely week. It’s so nice to see the sun isn’t it?

Anyone who wishes to contribute news to the village voice, please contact Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]