Firstly Iden dwellers, I hope you all had a good Easter .It’s such a lovely time isn’t it? I found myself up at 3am during Easter, walking around with a turkey, deciding to move the Easter turkey from the draining board to the fridge to finish defrosting .Do you ever do that when you have a crowd coming, wake up in the night with culinary thoughts tripping around your brain? I do quite frequently, so instead of counting sheep I’m thinking, ‘we’re going to need extra chairs, and if I get up at five am, I could whip up a batter for the Yorkshire, do the sprouts and have more time to join in the frivolities and maybe put on a bit of lipstick before people arrive., just to make it look as though it’s all been a bit of a breeze, and I haven’t been up half the night with a turkey.

The most important thing about Easter is what Easter means to us, and Iden Parish Church was full on Easter Sunday morning .It was lovely to see so many people, and to be reminded of the significance of Easter. There was coffee in the Old Hall’ afterwards, and it was a special couple of hours. Lovely to see so many children in church too, many with proud grandparents.

Well, Iden frivolities continue .There is never a dull moment here is there? The Iden and Playden Garden Society held their Spring Show on 12th April in the village hall, and by all accounts the exhibits were absolutely beautiful. There are some wonderful gardeners in the society blessed with the magic of propagation, and their patience and hard work is very commendable. In this sometimes crass world, the thought of people caring for plants is nothing short of hopeful, and we all benefit from their lovely gardens. Morris Metcalf, the chairman, and his committee organized a show which was something to behold..

On the 3rd May , the ‘Wihan Quartet’ will be playing with pianist Martin Kasik, in Iden Parish Church, at 7.30pm. This world renowned quartet, are soon to celebrate 30 years playing together, and are to perform works by Mozart, Ravel, and Shumann. They perform regularly at Wigmore Hall, and their repertoire includes, classical, modern and romantic pieces, and music from their natural Czech heritage .Tickets for what should be a memorable concert to hear these five wonderful performers, are £15, and are available from, telephone 223243, and 280304

Now, for something to tax our brains. Iden Community Emergency Forum are putting on a ‘fun quiz’, on Saturday 17th May in Iden village hall, at 7pm. in aid of buying a defibrillator for Iden. There will be prizes, a raffle and a fish and chip supper. [how is anyone supposed to lose weight around here? But who cares it’s going to be grand] Tickets are £7.50, to include the fish and chips, but bring your own cutlery and drinks. Tickets are available from Iden Stores, or phone Richard [telephone 01797-280-462]

There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church on Sunday 27th April at 9.30am. Thank you to all the ladies who did the Easter flowers in the Church. Daffodils were scarce as Easter was late this year, but nothing deters a flower lady.

Well, Iden is getting spruced up! As you know we have a new roof on the bus stop opposite ‘The Bell’, and the floor in the village hall is about to be varnished, so From Tuesday 29th April- Tuesday 6th May, the village hall will be closed . Before that the ‘Pop In’ will be on Monday 28th April at 11am. Do come along. Everyone is welcome for tea/coffee, biscuits and a chat. Books and bric-a-brac will be on sale.

The next BINGO will be on Thursday 15th May in the village hall. Bingo is gaining momentum. Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. Anyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome .A light tea is served. It really is a fun afternoon, and a chance to win some money

I’m off to bed now with a good book and a chocolate rabbit.!

If anyone wishes to contribute to the village voice, I’ll gladly include it .Please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street