I’ve been bleaching everything in my home to within an inch of it’s life. The whole house smells like a swimming baths. ‘Why’, well it’s because we are having company, and I want them to think that I’m a housewife superstar[ Though nothing could be further from the truth ] It won’t last of course, and I shall soon be back in front of the tele watching ‘Loose Women’ letting the dust accumulate. Right now though everything is so sanitized I’m thinking of opening to the public! Anyway I hope you are all well. It’s nippy in the evenings isn’t it? I’m still lighting the fire occasionally, for a bit of comfort [Ne’er cast a clout till May is out, as they say]

The floor in the village hall has just been sanded and varnished [thank you Alan and Ray for doing the floor it looks lovely] , but on Monday 28th April we had the ‘ Pop In’., and celebrated Elsie Fairhall’s birthday .Elsie works very hard for Iden Parish church, and she received beautiful flowers from our vicar Teresa. The ‘Pop In’, as you all know is a glorified Iden get together and all are very welcome. The next ‘Pop In’ will be on Monday 12th May at 11am in the village hall.

There will be Bingo in the village hall on Thursday 15th May. Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm.A light tea is served. Everyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome. It’s an afternoon of frivolity and a chance to win a cash prize.

Don’t forget, there is a ‘Fun Quiz Night’ in the village hall on 17th May at 7.30pm, in aid of the Iden defibrillator. The quiz is being organized by I.C.E.[Iden Community Emergency Forum] Tickets are £7.50 and include a fish and chip supper, so come on all you Iden Einsteins . It doesn’t matter if you win, lose or just come for the chips, Iden quiz nights are always good fun. Bring your own drinks and cutlery. Tickets are available at Iden Stores, or from Richard [telephone 01797- 280-462]

It’s always nice to get a collection of Iden folk in one place isn’t it? Familiar faces we feel at home with.

Now, 29th May is a date for the calendar, because ‘The Iden Village Annual Assembly’ is taking place in the village hall. At 7pm. Guest speaker Jackie Dufield will give a talk on ‘Health Matters’, and there will be Policing reports from P.C.S.O, D.Bevan, and P.C.S.O., R.Law, including a special report on ‘Scams’. As I said in last week’s village voice, scams are on the increase, and take many forms. They can be so devastating and life changing, that they can adversely affect people’s health, and the equilibrium of a family. It should be an informative evening, and there will be refreshments afterwards.

For people interested in gardening, another date for the calendar is Saturday 28th June, when the Iden and Playden Garden Society are having their Summer Show in the village hall. These seasonal shows are always excellent, and well worth a visit. There is an entry section for runner beans, always a favourite, and a competitive subject. The very words ‘runner beans’ conjures up summer, sitting with a paring knife, sharing tales, in someone’s granny’s kitchen, doing the runner beans.

Do look on the village website [], because it contains forth coming events, and subjects of interest to all of us.

There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church on Sunday 11th May, at 9.30am.

There was a concert in Iden Parish Church on Saturday 3rd May . The Wihan Quartet, with pianist Martin Kasik played music by Mozart, Ravel and Shumann. , a concert to celebrate the30 years that the quartet have played together. The Wihan Quartet play regularly at Wigmore Hall, so we were fortunate indeed to have them with us in Iden. There was a small reception afterwards, and refreshments were served. The concert was well attended, and very well enjoyed by all.

Right now, I’m thinking of cleaning the brass. It is all quite futile, because my company can see through my veneer of ultra cleanliness. They know very well that there will be fluff under my TV, and that the Griffins never have quite such an array of preserves on the breakfast table .Also my husband has just wiped his hands on the guest towels I have put out [having just been doing a spot of gardening] What does it matter though, because what is really important about seeing old friends is their smiles and hugs and the years you have known each other. Everything else pales into insignificance.

Keep well everyone

Anyone wishing to contribute to the village voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797-280311], and I will gladly include it.

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street