Do you like the smell of fresh mint? It’s a little bit of heaven really isn’t it? I smell it, and I’m immediately transported to my Granny’s kitchen, no one else’s, just hers, and it’s wonderful really how our cerebral pathways behave like that, allowing us to travel back in time with a bit of ‘ Olfactory nudging’. Anyway that determined herb was peeping through my fence last week ,and if George Clooney had turned up he wouldn’t have been any more welcome.

I like to put mint in with flowers, because it’s a little bit of summer. I am constantly in awe, as I’m sure you are, of the fact that all our trees and plants know just what time and season to dress up and appear on nature’s stage. Botanists and biologists of course can explain it, but I prefer to think of it as divine intervention. What say you?

Well! What has been going on in Iden. There is never an empty week, that’s for certain. The Parish Council A.G.M. was held in the village hall on Tuesday 6th May, The minutes of the meeting will be posted on the village website, and the Iden notice board. Michael Miller, will continue for a further year as Chairman of the council, and Paula Riley has taken the role of vice Chairman. Richard Jones relinquished his position of vice chairman, as he is busy as Chairman of I.C.E.[Iden Community Emergency Forum.]Rother District Councillor Nick Ramus spoke about the inevitable cost cutting required to meet a budget compromised by the recession. He warned villagers to be vigilant, and to safeguard as far as possible their home and garden valuables, as burglaries continue to be .prevalent. This being Rother district council’s ‘Scams Awareness Month’, we were reminded that 29th May is ‘The Iden Village Annual Assembly’, and there will be a talk on scams awareness, from P.C.S.O. D.Bevan, and P.C.S.O. R Law. Mrs. J. Dufield will talk on ‘Health Matters’, including information about the Iden defibrillator.

There was a financial report, jointly explained by the Parish Clerk, Mary Philo, and Michael Miller. One of the biggest expenditures was the new roof on the bus stop opposite ‘The Bell’, but expenditure is ongoing throughout the year, with costs incurred from grass cutting, upkeep of the children’s playground area, Tree safety inspection, the First World War Centenary celebrations, and a myriad of day to day expenditure, such as fence posts, village signs, paint, benches etc. There are also plans to upgrade the war memorial.

Planning applications were discussed, and Mary Philo asked for suggestions from villagers regarding First World War celebrations. We all need to put our thinking caps on and come up with some ideas. It was an informative meeting. .

Tomorrow is the ‘Fun Quiz’ in the village hall at 7.30 pm., organized by I.C.E. [Iden Community Emergency Forum], in aid of the Iden defibrillator. There will be a fish and chip supper. Bring yourselves and some drinks and some cutlery. There may be tickets left, so you can inquire at ‘Iden Stores, or ring Richard [telephone01797-280-462]

Now!, two of the ladies from Iden W.I. Recently won prizes for a painting depicting a kitchen scene. Angela Swaine won first prize, and Min Bailey second prize at Beckley W.I. group meeting, which was held on 11th April.. Well done indeed ladies.

There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday 18th May at 9.30 am.

Anne Banning always gives us the rainfall, and for the month of April, rainfall was 1.85 inches. Thank you Anne.

It is nice to renew our pride in the soldiers of the First World War, and remembering them in this centenary year is an accolade they so richly deserve. Those of us who have been privileged enough to be able to tick off so many decades in our own lives are fortunate, because although longevity brings it’s problems , it carries with it so many milestones and memories denied those that gave their lives for our country. A completed life, one which goes full circle is a gift they should have had, but on the bright side, whatever celebrations we choose will bring them momentarily at least back amongst us..

I would love to have a go at cooking a meal, reminiscent of the First World War .I’d cook a rabbit in a hay box . I’ve got this image in my mind of myself in a hessian apron, just me, this hay box and the blue sky above. Of course someone would have to shoot the rabbit and skin it and find me a box and a hay bale, and of course I’d need a fire engine standing by and probably St. John Ambulance, and of course I couldn’t eat the rabbit because I’ve already named it ‘Thumper’!.

Have a good week.

Anyone wishing to contribute anything to the village voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone01797-280-311]

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street