We’ve just been doing a spot of weeding [wonders will never cease].Isn’t it amazing how weeds just find any old crack in a paving stone, and settle in with the morning paper [so to speak], with such audacity., and grow—well, there’s no better terminology , “.like a weed”, whereas expensive plants from a garden centre have to be nurtured. It’s the “Princess And The Pea” syndrome. The well-bred plant is all the more delicate, and gangs of those ‘yobbo’ weeds, are hanging around our garden’s street corners ready to see them off. HOWEVER, I’ll let you into a secret. I’ve got a soft spot for dandelions. Oh , I know they choke everything else in sight, I know they are tenacious, and one blow on a dandelion clock and you’ve got yourself a million more, but there is some thing so “yellow” and hopeful looking about them, and I couldn’t imagine a world without sporadic little clumps of dandelions squatting in our fields. Well now, Iden is looking splendid because we are edging towards summer. The Cow Parsley in the hedgerows looks very lacy and ‘bridal’, and it won’t be long before everyone is feverishly preparing for the Iden Village Fete[ honestly, this village is like a coiled spring]

On 13th May, Iden W.I had a very jolly meeting, particularly so, because we had a Joyce Grenfell impersonator as guest, and she was splendid. Pat Brydon performed monologues and sketches from Joyce Grenfell’s repertoire, using Joyce’s songs and similar props to give credence to the performance. It was great.

On 29th May at 7.30pm in the village hall, the ‘Iden Village Annual Assembly will take place’, which is to comprise talks about ‘scams’ which any one of us could succumb to, unless we are forewarned. The talks will be given by P. C. S .O, D .Bevan, and P.C.S.O. R Law. A talk entitled ‘Health Matters’ will be given by Mrs. J Dufield., the main subject being the Iden defibrillator.

There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church at 9.30 am on Sunday 25th May.

The ‘Fun Quiz Night’ in the village hall on Saturday 17th May, was a resounding success. It was noisy , rowdy in fact, but unadulterated fun A fish and chip supper was enjoyed by all .Everyone loves a quiz don’t they, and there was a great deal of hilarity. John Harrison was the quizmaster, and as always he did a grand job. The evening was in aid of the Iden defibrillator. As usual a bucket was passed around by Paul Parsons [Paul will you please stop following us around with that bucket, the quiz finished days ago,] to collect 50 pence for every conceivable misdemeanour [one of which seemed to be merely breathing] Anyway it was all for a good cause, and people coughed up their 50 pence’s, right left and centre. Thank you to Richard Jones, Roy Campion, Paul Parsons, and of course John Harrison for their hard work organising it all. They made over £400.

There will be a ‘Pop In’ in the village hall on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May at 11am.

On Thursday May 29th there will be Bingo in the village hall. Doors open at 2pm, and eyes down at 2.30pm.A light tea will be served. Anyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome. It’s a fun afternoon, and a chance to win a cash prize...

Anyway, speaking earlier of gardens, my husband is digging me a herb garden [God bless him], something I’ve never had, and I’m excited about it .What could be nicer than a bouquet of fresh parsley, chopped up and thrown into a white sauce. I’ve already decided to build a meal around a different herb every day, which is possibly just a pipe dream [ “Oh joy of joy’s though] but I mustn’t get too carried away, because my cat is already eyeing up the newly dug turf, and we are definitely, not the best gardeners .My husband has taken to wearing a funny hat to do the gardening, which has to be seen to be believed.[I shall have to shut him in the shed if someone calls] Honestly, It’s a cross between a pudding basin and a sink plunger., but as long as I get a bit of fresh basil, he can wear it to his hearts content. It’s the little things in life isn’t it, like having a few home grown chives that is just the bees knees isn’t it?

I hope you are enjoying the nice weather.

If anyone has anything to add to the village voice, I’ll gladly include it. Please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797-280-311]

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street