One of my occasional pastimes is looking for shapes in the clouds. Daft maybe, but this morning my husband and I both saw a Scottie dog, fashioned in billowing cloud while we were having a cup of tea in the garden. It soon evaporated, and became an elephant lying on it’s back. My Mother used to say “let’s turn out the lights and look for shapes in the fire. We must have spent hours doing that before we had a television. .Little things please little minds as they say. Conversely though, you could say that the ‘best things in life are free. I took my grandchildren to the cinema recently, and it was something like forty eight pounds for four of us[if you include popcorn] Next time we are all going to lie in a line on the grass and watch clouds! I know that there is a scientific explanation for clouds formation, and I know it’s correct, but I still feel that there is something ethereal about clouds. I love the way they glide around as though they’ve got all day. It’s a soothing concept .Maybe if we watched clouds more often our blood pressures would be lower.

Iden is preparing for the village fete, so we need to look out our books and clothes and bric a brac for ‘Bargains Galore’, which is a wonderful conglomeration of things we no longer have use for, but for others they might be ‘just the job’. I seem to have umpteen fish slices [bordering on an obsession!], collected from various jumble sales. I admit to being a ‘Second Hand Rose’ [ I love other people’s stuff] and look forward to an annual root around ‘Bargains Galore’. It always amazes me how our playing field, is so readily transformed into this all singing, all dancing fete . It’s almost as though the mind plays tricks, because furnished suddenly with stalls and equipment, ice cream vans and fast food stations, it looks like a different field altogether. I have to blink to get my bearings. Crowds of people surge forth, where a day or two before we would have been lucky to see a dog walker or two. ‘Oh yes’, there is something glorious about the Iden Fete. Part of it’s charm is that it’s all such a joint effort. I bet already people are deciding whether to donate a trailing ivy or a plate of rock cakes.

Bob Hammond tells us that there will be an Iden Village Fete Open Meeting on 3rd July, in the village hall, at 7pm or thereabouts [time to be confirmed after the fete committee meeting on 24th June]. Anyone wishing to help in any way with the fete, please turn up and offer your services. The committee would be most grateful.

So what does Iden have in store for us?

Next, Saturday 28th June, the Iden and Playden Garden Society are having a ‘Summer Flower and Produce Show’ in the village hall at 2.30 pm. It will be well worth a visit, because the exhibits are always splendid.

There is a service of Holy Communion at Iden Parish Church on Sunday 22nd June at 9.30 am.

The ‘Pop in’ will be on Monday 23rd June at in the village hall. It was nice to see some new people turn up for coffee and a chat last time. Everyone is welcome.

‘BINGO’ will be held in the village hall on Thursday 26 June. Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. There is a light tea served at half time, time enough for a chat too. Some people win time and time again, and the jackpot hasn’t been won yet! Everyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome.

Iden is looking very beautiful, as is all our surrounding countryside. It’s almost as though our plant life has been so grateful for a jolly good soaking this winter, that it’s treating us a ‘celebratory’ concert, played out in ‘foliage’.

Back to cloud formation, maybe it is time I embraced a more scientific approach to life. I don’t believe that the moon is made of cream cheese, but when I look up at the stars, I can’t help feeling that they have a wisdom about them. Maybe it’s because the clouds and the moon and the stars are up there where we perceive heaven to be, and looking down from their lofty position, they all seem to know something we don’t. If I was confronted by someone from a scientific institute, I’d probably tell them to go and sing in the next street, because let’s face it, the moon definitely has a face, and that big moon face of his appears at times to be smiling right down on us Iden folk!.

Anyone wishing to add something of interest to the village voice, please contact Gill Griffin [telephone 01-797 280311].

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street