It’s nice now and again isn’t it, to have a day when you have nothing planned. I love a day like that (it’s good for the soul). I like to wonder around swatting at the odd cobweb and taking time out to reconnect with the world. I have a tendency to cook too many veg, so today I put peas out in the middle of the grass for the birds, and a big seagull (who couldn’t believe his luck) ate so many, that it’s a wonder he could fly. It got me thinking that Alfred Hitchcock was not too far off when he directed ‘The Birds’, because there is something rather sinister about big birds seen swooping en masse. However, my seagull was just a ‘regular guy’ who liked peas. I wonder if he might like a nice piece of jam sponge tomorrow.

Now, a week or so ago I mentioned some weddings in Iden, but the fact of the matter is that romance in Iden is so prolific, it’s like a Jane Austen Novel, because Rita and Chris Sullivan from Iden have just celebrated their emerald wedding anniversary (55 years). Not only that, they renewed their vows crossing the Arctic Circle, on ‘The Braemar’ (Fred Olsen) vessel on the 23rd June 2014. They brought back lovely photos which said it all. They looked as happy as they must have done on day one. Congratulations Chris and Rita.

Here is some news about Iden Bowls Club. The Mermaid League ‘Final Fling’, was held at Pett Bowls club on 6th July 2014, and Iden finished 1st and 2nd overall. This shows a high standard of Bowls from a small club. Well-done Iden Bowls club.

Talks are in progress about cutting the 312 bus route to two hourly. Nothing has been decided, but we need to be prepared. If you wish to comment, put your views to Iden Parish Council or Rother District Council. This change would mean rethinking Train Journeys etc.

There is as service of Holy Communion at Iden Parish Church, on Sunday 20th July at 9:30 AM.

The Pop-in will be on the 21st July at the Village Hall at 11:00 AM. All are welcome.

There will be Bingo on 24th July in the Village hall. Doors open at 2:00 PM and eyes down at 2:30 PM.

There was an Iden WI Garden Party on the 8th July held at Anne Banning’s Home. (Thank You, Anne). Members wore hats and pearls (It was glamour personified), and everyone bought a dish. The food was splendid, as usual. The ladies of Iden WI produce a fine table of food.

If there are any residual collections for Iden Fete ‘Bargains Galore’, please contact Carol Bourne (Telephone 01797-280-464).

If anyone wishes to book a stall for the Iden Fete Boot fair please ring 01797-280-467.

As if we didn’t already know Iden Village Fete is almost upon us. Good Luck to anyone who is contributing on 26th July.

When I lie in bed on the morning of the fete, I listen to hear the first cars approaching for the boot fair. Some must leave at dawn, and there is furtiveness about their arrival. The early hour, reminds me of a film set, when a lone car will be seen wending its way across a dessert with the same purposeful resolve, towards Iden Playing Field, while everyone else sleeps ( I need to get out more), I’ve been watching too much ‘ Thelma and Louise’ !

If you wish to add to the Iden Voice please ring Gill Griffin Telephone 01797 280311

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street