We’ve had a few power cuts lately haven’t we? It just goes to show just how much we rely on electricity .I felt sorry for those Iden men, and women who had the World Cup interrupted by the power cut. I remember, that when we first had a television, we would have to put my Grandad to bed for the day after the World Cup, because the excitement would really get to him.[he was overwhelmed, God love him] Football has always been emotive.

I was emotional I can tell you, in the midst of the power cut, before they set up the generator at ‘The Bell’, because I was poised to cook a meal for a special friend visiting from Canada. This meal was to consist of chicken in a mushroom and cream sauce, and pasta with a lemon emulsion, asparagus, and pine nuts [I was just trying to be like ‘Mary Berry’. We don’t normally eat like that]. Anyway, ‘pride comes before a fall’ we ended up with a tuna sandwich , made tea on a camping stove, and played cards by candle light. I have to admit that it was fun for a while, but we still cheered when the lights came on. We are lost aren’t we, without our voltage?

There will be a first aid course in the village hall at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 22nd July, and Thursday 31st July, in preparation for our village defibrillator. I.C.E [Iden Community Emergency Forum] have worked hard to organize this. The defibrillator is to be kept on the wall of the village hall. Details will follow, when advised by I.C.E.

There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30a.m.. on Sunday 27th July.

On the 4th August, at 11am, there will be a ‘Pop -In’, and everyone is welcome to come back to the village hall for a light buffet lunch, after a service at Iden War Memorial, to remember those who served in the two World Wars. It will be a poignant occasion, and it would be rather nice to join together, to share tea and friendship following something so thought provoking. If anyone wishes to contribute a cake or savoury for the lunch, it will be most welcome. You can bring food to the village hall from 9a.m. onward.

August 23rd, 24th, and 25th, are dates for the diary, because there will be a ‘Tribute In Flowers’, in Iden Parish Church to commemorate the First World War, with floral arrangements by the church flower group .Refreshments will be served in the Old Hall [by the church] If Anyone wishes to contribute a cake, it would be gratefully received.

Bingo will be held in the village hall on Thursday 7th August . Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. A light tea will be served. Bingo is gaining momentum, not least because we now have an additional ‘flyer’, and a ‘Jackpot.’ Everyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome.

There will be pandemonium in many Iden households tonight, because tomorrow, as if we didn’t all know is Iden Fete. I hope to goodness that everyone is stocked up with cling film [who could even contemplate living without cling film!], vanilla essence, cream of tartar and baking cases. Then of course we need to think about, sun cream, flip flops, shorts, sunglasses, and mini fans, and what about a few baby wipes for good measure, for all those little noses and ice cream faces[well ,the men folk can get a bit messy!] Never mind, because once we all set foot on that comforting square of turf that is Iden Fete, our every need will be catered for. If we feel a bit ‘peckish’, we can visit the W.I cake stall, or the Pavilion, which will have masses of sandwiches, scones and cups of tea, or there’s our all day barbeque, run by Dave Stoodely, and then the ice cream vans and candy floss, you name it. If we get a sudden breeze, we can always drape ourselves in an emergency cardigan from ‘Bargains Galore’ for the princely sum of about thirty pence, or buy a book there from it’s vast collection and read it under a tree.. If we feel a bit fed up and frustrated, we can always try to hit a coconut at the coconut shy, throw a hoop over a jar of bath salts, or better still have our face painted and roam around incognito!. The weather is usually kind to us on fete day, but it can be a minx can’t it? Look at how it’s recently thrown remorseless heat at us, only to end with a crescendo of thunder and lightening and then a deluge. However, in the main, I suppose it can be said that the weather is fairly dyed in the wool. It does what it says on the tin for much of the time, in tune with the seasons. In fact, it’s as though the weather gets together with each season [like friends on ‘Face Book’], and gives us snow and March winds and April showers, and of course the ‘Season Of Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness’, but suddenly, and quite understandably it needs to throw a spanner in the works now and again, so lets hope it’s not being petulant tomorrow.

There are so many unsung heroes who make our fete possible. People who work tirelessly for weeks, and then flat out at the fete. They are all working selflessly for what is after all the highlight of the Iden summer. .It’s the little contributions too, people bagging up courgettes, winding twine around a few marigolds, and wet cotton wool around sweet peas [thoughtful people]

Anyway have a great day and look after yourselves. Next week I’ll try and précis it all down. Quite a task really when you think how hugely intricate and all consuming the Iden Fete can be!

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Gill Griffin

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