Lest we forget: I feel quite grateful, as I’m sure many of you do, to have been ‘spared’ as they say, so as to be able to enjoy some retirement years. It’s a privilege not every one has, and to have some precious years to just ‘smell the flowers’ is not something to be taken for granted. . It’s got me thinking of late, especially on Monday, the centenary of the First World War, how many milestones were missed by those who died for our country, and how glad I am that all over Britain, so much thought has been put into their memory.

Day out: The day after the fete, I went to Dymchurch with the family, and had one of those real old fashioned ‘days by the sea’ [a ‘kiss me quick hat’ kind of day] We ate a sand –filled picnic, followed by ice cream and chips and melted chocolate fingers. We then rolled pennies [rather two pence pieces] into machines in the amusement arcade [of course we all lost our money], but that isn’t the point , because ‘ hope springs eternal in the human breast’ and just the thought that we might by some fluke win a cascade of pennies made it all worth while .I had a ride on the teacups [something so carefree about being twisted around in a big wooden tea cup] while the other more daring folk went on the bumper cars. My daughter said that if she wins the lottery she will have one of those penny arcade machines in her back yard. [I’m definitely having tea cups!].

Village Fete: Memories of the Iden Fete keep flooding back. It was a feat though, rather than a fete, brought about by so many hard working people. A real show of camaraderie. When we get a final total from John Bridge, who by the way didn’t get to bed until 4am on fete day, counting the profits . I’ll let you know how much was made at the fete when all accounts are finalised. The profits do so much to see us through another year in the village hall and the pavilion, and other good causes in the village. To the fete committee and the myriad of people that helped make our fete what it was, you did it again folks, thank you every one from all of us.

Iden Church: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday10th August at 9.30am. Iden Parish Church is remembering the World Wars in a special commemorative flower festival, entitled ‘A Tribute In Flowers’, which can be seen in the church on 23rd 24th and 25th August. The Iden Parish Church floral group will have worked hard to portray the war years. There will be a talk in Iden Parish Church on 22nd August at 7.30 pm, all about the First World War. This, in view of the Centenary should be very informative. and a nice way of remembering those that died for our country.. Anyone who has cakes to donate to the ‘Tribute In Flowers Commemoration’ should bring them to the ‘Old Hall’ from 10 am on those mornings.

Village bingo: Bingo will be held in the village hall on Thursday 21st August. Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. a light tea is always provided, and I must say thank you so much to Carol Bourne, and Janet Wood who make refreshments and run the raffle. Profits go to the village hall, and it is a fun afternoon. Every one from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome.

Pop In: The ‘Pop In’ will be held in the village hall at 11 am on Monday 18th August. Every one is most welcome, and it is nice to gather around a plate of biscuits and have a chat and put the world to rights!

Christmas plans: Once fete day is over, I start thinking about Christmas stockings. It may be early, but I like to have a project to crank away at the brain cells. The nights are drawing in and there is no time like the present. Every year I swear that we are going to cut down and draw lots out of a hat, so that one person buys only one good present, but I love trawling the pound shops for the silly bits that fill a pair of tights. I don’t think I could get through Christmas without cheese footballs by the way. [family please note!]. An Iden year is divided up like wedges from a pie. Always something to plan and look forward to, the Panto, the fete, the harvest supper, the quizzes, the meetings of the various societies, the jumble sales, the W.I, the Bingo, the cricket, the football, the bowls, the Pop In, the book clubs, the resident’s Christmas meal, the Garden Society shows, their produce laid out like a pedlars blanket in tune with the seasons.---- It’ s good here isn’t it?

Contact me: Anyone who has anything they wish to add to the village voice, I’ll gladly include it. Please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311]

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street