BATTY OLD WOMAN: Last week, to save mess in the house, I arranged some harvest flowers out in the garden, on a mossy old table .Suddenly it got dark, and it felt distinctly ‘creepy’ .I was out there looking ridiculous, arranging flowers in the dark, and I suddenly thought, oh my goodness the bats will be flying around at any moment [I’m such a wooze, even for a re-located country dweller] Now people say, “of course they don’t get into your hair you daft woman, they fly complete with radar [want a bet,] Oh it would be just my luck to get the runt of the litter, some little bat not wired up properly, that would fly right at me just as I’m placing a piece of hawthorn in a jam jar [Oh for heavens sake, just the thought of it] So I came in dragging half a forest with me, and everything seemed light and bright and safe and devoid of bats. Sometimes our homes can seem particularly refuge-like can’t they?. Turn on the light and there we are in our own little cocoon!

LAST ORDERS FOR THE QUIZ: Tonight is the quiz, in the village hall Iden [7.30pm] Remaining places can still be applied for if you ring Pat Buckland [telephone-01737-280589] Bring vinegar, salt, pepper etc., and wine etc., and a knife and fork, and a honed, sharp-witted brain would help Pay at the door for a fish and chip supper[£7.50]

THE SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion at Iden Parish Church, at 9.30a.m., on Sunday 19th October..

LOOK OUT YOUR JUMBLE: We are all beginning to tentatively think about Christmas, and lets face it, we all need to turf some stuff out, to make way for the Christmas gifts .[those onesies, and bath cube sets, and mum’s new oven gloves take up a surprising amount of room.] SO----- why not give all that stuff at the bottom of the airing cupboard, and the under- stairs cupboard to the Iden Cricket Club Jumble Sale [25th October] .My rule of thumb is that if you haven’t seen it for a year, and are totally unaware of it’s existence, give it to a jumble sale [not the husband though, or the kids, they may have just got waylaid].Anyway, no electrical goods, and jumble can be collected if necessary. Please ring Sue White [01797-280453]

SHORT MAT BOWLS:2p.m.-4p.m, Every Wednesday in Iden village hall, short mat bowls. £3.50, for an afternoon of fun and good exercise [this includes refreshments and hire of hall] No previous bowls experience necessary. For information, please ring Teresa Parsons [telephone-01797-280143] Surrounding villages are welcome.

THE SHOE BOX APPEAL: It’s always nice, leading up to Christmas, to do something to help those less fortunate. The charity ‘Link To Hope’, organise the collection of shoeboxes filled with the kind of necessities, that we take for granted., to send to very poor families, and the elderly living alone, in Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. These are people with so little, and sometimes without running water and electricity, and very little joy. If you can fill a shoebox with soap, toothpaste, shampoo, combs, socks, crayons and colouring books etc., think of the happiness it could bring. Sue Cavilla has been organising this.[telephone-230431] Playden school have been very supportive already, and also Playden Church, and Iden Church. The charity ‘Link To Hope’ are also supporting Syrian refugees in Bulgaria. Sue Cavilla can collect if necessary, but otherwise, bring your shoe boxes to Playden or Iden Church, before, during or after services. The closing date for the appeal is next Sunday 26th October.

POP-IN: The Pop- in at the village hall, is always fun, and it’s so nice to meet up with other Iden folk and have coffee and biscuits, and find out what has been going on in this little neck of the woods.[some of it quite honestly would make your hair curl!] Anyway, next Pop-in is on Monday 27th October, at 11am in the village hall.

BINGO:The next Bingo is on Thursday, 30th October, in the village hall, Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30. Bingo has gained much momentum. There is a light tea [for a pound], and the additional ‘flier and ‘Jackpot’ have added to the fun. There is a raffle, and proceeds go to the village hall. [last time we had such a veritable feast, that I thought I was at the Dorchester!]

WILD FLOWERS OF KENT:Sue Buckingham, is to give a talk to ‘The Iden and District Natural History Society’, on Friday 24th October, entitled ‘Wild Flowers of Kent’. The talk, in Iden village hall is at 7.30 pm. Visitors [non-members] are welcome, and the charge is £3..Wild flowers are somehow near to everyone’s heart aren’t they?

SPECIAL COFFEE MORNING: Keep a date in the diary for a coffee morning in the village hall on Saturday November 8th.[bric-a brac on sale, and cakes] If anyone is willing to donate a cake, proceeds go to the village hall.[It’s amazing, how we Iden women can always manage to step forward with a sponge]. Most of our diary dates just say ‘CAKE’ don’t they girls?

‘MUNDANE TOWERS’: At times, our home can be moderately exciting, but in the main it could be referred to as‘ ‘Mundane Towers’. I sit with my embroidery and smile occasionally at my husband , or not [according to what’s been occurring!] and he will be watching ‘Wheeler Dealers’ [where a chap with spikey hair does up cars wearing a pair of rubber gloves]. However, I’m a bit of a ‘mundane Annie’ anyhow. Take for instance last week, we were in the car on the way to Hastings to buy a wheelbarrow [you see there again very mundane], and I was listening to Graham Norton on the radio, who was saying that he had to rush off to get to a wedding in Brighton. Now on the way home [wheelbarrow in tow] he was still going on about this wedding, and I became perturbed . “He’s going to have to get a move on to get to this wedding isn’t he”, I said [actually worrying, as though I was his mother] “Personally, I couldn’t care less whether the bloke gets there or not”, said my husband “and he’s going to have to get off the air first”. Well of course, he was right, why was I worrying about Graham Norton. I do need to get out more. We’re getting a new cinema in Rye soon, perhaps that will do it!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the village voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797-280311] and I’ll be glad to include it.

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street