SANTA CLAUS CAME TO TOWN: Santa visited Iden village hall on Tuesday 9th December, when he called in on Iden W.I., to deliver presents to W.I. members, at their Christmas party. Bless his cotton socks, he stayed, for sherry and mince pies too, but left, as quickly and furtively as he came, because he had masses still to do [you can’t blame him, the poor thing is up to his eyes in it right now]. Well !. It was a good thing in a way that he didn’t stay, if you could have seen what followed, because all of a sudden every member of Iden W.I. donned a silly hat, and looked in truth [quite barmy!] There were Christmas hats and sun hats, and bobble hats and straw gardening hats [that looked as though the mice had been at them] Anyway, they played a hilarious game of musical hats, followed by a Christmas competition, and everyone had a great time.

AND THERE’S MORE: The following night, Iden W.I. had their Christmas dinner at ‘The Bell’, and it was lovely, and very much enjoyed by all. [Life is just one long round of pleasure for Iden W.I.]

BINGO: The next Bingo will be on the Thursday 8th January in Iden village hall. This week’s Bingo was a Christmas affair. It was nice to see some new faces this week too. Ray upped the prize money, and we had a few daft number compilations because it’s Christmas. We had sausage rolls, and sherry and mince pies, and everyone was in great form!

BABIES BORN AT CHRISTMAS TIME: Joyous news from Sue and John White, and the trustees, who work as volunteers for the ‘help for the Gambia’ charity B.A.C.E.. They are pleased, and proud to announce, that the first two babies were born on 12th December in the new clinic, opened by B.A.C.E.. in the Gambia in November, . Sue and John, and 26 other volunteers, were in the Gambia to see their clinic opened, and they would like to thank everyone who has helped in any way to support them. People who have donated to B.A.C.E., have all contributed to this very special outcome!

A JUMBLE SALE COMING UP: It’s always nice to know that after Christmas, there is a jumble sale in the pipeline, so we can have a ‘turf-out’, to make room for our new ‘stuff’ .Iden Bowls Club is having a jumble sale on Saturday January 17th at 1pm in the village hall. Jumble can be taken to the hall on that day from 10a.m.[no electrical goods] and if anything needs collecting, please ring Vicky Britton[telephone 01797 280568 ]

THE POP-IN: The next Pop-In will be Monday on 5th January at11am, in the village hall. Everyone is Welcome, so do Pop-In, and share with us your Christmas news .It’s like an ‘instant therapy’ session coming to the Pop-In, because everyone is friendly and helpful, and you can have as many coffee/tea fill-ups, and as many biscuits as you like.

THE WALL OF SOUND CHOIR: Tomorrow, 20th December, at Iden Parish Church, [7pm], this local group will perform

‘The Christmas Truce 1914 “Something remarkable happened”. This sounds such an apt and meaningful amalgamation of Christmas, and this particular reminiscence of a special year of remembrance performed in song. Admission is free.

CHRISTMAS SERVICES AT IDEN CHURCH: Sunday 21st December at 9.30am-----Service of Holy Communion. Christmas Day----9.30am—Family Christmas Service. Sunday 28th December---9.30am –Service of Holy Communion

PLAYDEN CHURCH SERVICES ON CHRISTMAS EVE: Family Crib service 3.30 pm Midnight Mass at 11.30pm

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A JAR OF CLOVES: I think I’ve just about got Christmas taped, except for buying some cloves for the bread sauce. Christmas is so steeped in tradition isn’t it? However, it’s nice that we don’t have mince pies and bread sauce and Christmas pudding all year round because that first mince pie is like meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for a year. We are made to think that hell would certainly freeze over if we didn’t comply to every single tradition going. I feel absolutely obliged to make Gluvine [Gluhwein] and press cloves into the ham [but I want it to appear effortless, like ‘Nigella’, ferreting around in that larder of hers] Every year, we get told by a host of chefs of a different way to cook our turkey, or bake our ham., each way a little more bizarre than the last, but all the hard work is worth it, because there is nothing quite so nice as arriving somewhere on Christmas day, with all those Christmas smells pervading the air. All kinds of herbs and oranges and onions and garlic seem to figure in the equation. If we all said, one, two, three, and all opened our doors at the same time, the whole of Iden would smell of Christmas. Oh! and everyone turn up their best frocks, wearing those flashing, Christmas tree earrings. Grannie will be wearing her little fold-up slippers [to save the carpet] , and Grandad will still be wearing his paper hat at midnight! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the village voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311], and I’ll be glad to include it.

Merry Christmas: to everyone in iden, have a safe and wonderful Christmas

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street