IS YOUR HOUSE AS MESSY AS OURS?: I do hope so, because that shows that you are having a good time. I love Boxing Day, because it’s such a ‘pick and nibble day’. I’m already having pre-New Year resolution diet doubts, because I can’t pass the turkey without having a nibble. My favourite bit is the skin, [the worst thing for piling on the pounds].We will just have had a bucks fizz and eggs Benedict breakfast too [there is no hope!] There will undoubtedly be an initial, slightly jaded, post-Christmas day feeling, but once someone pipes up with “anyone fancy a brandy and lemonade, off we go again, and out comes the ‘Monopoly’! Two of my family members always sleep the best part of Boxing day away on the settee [like two book-ends] and the children usually put on a play which involves a lot of bossing about and drama and frantic whispering, before it even starts. My job is to keep the food going constantly. [Nigella always makes it look so easy] I will pass around a plate of her sticky- gingerbread [on top of which reindeer are supposed to nestle, covered in icing sugar.] It’s too much, and I need the ‘Monopoly’ table to lay up tea.! My husband will go out for logs, and bring half the garden in on his feet, and then announce that he is going to have a bonfire to burn the wrapping paper. [he is the clerk of the works when it comes to the wrapping paper]

LETS LOOK AHEAD: The nice thing about Iden is that it is relentless, and doesn’t allow for complacency We don’t have time to get the post- Christmas blues, because next year is already jam packed full of events. Our countryside changes too, a bit like a D.I.Y. programme, with nature providing new furnishings. The Iden landscape constantly surprises us, and just when we think it couldn’t be more idyllic, a new season shows us it’s wares.

BOWLS CLUB JUMBLE SALE: The Iden Bowls club are having a jumble sale on Saturday 17th January at 1pm in the village hall. Jumble can be brought to the hall from 10am on that day, or if you need it collecting, please ring Vicki Britton [telephone 01-797 280568] How convenient is that! Somewhere to get rid of our old ‘stuff’, in favour of our new Christmas togs.

ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES: The Pantomime is already in the pipeline., so keep March 20th, and 21st in mind , as those are the Panto dates. Don’t you just love to see Iden folk, that you thought were pillars of society, hamming it up, dressed in gold lame .Already it sounds amazing .I keep my ear to the ground! [The thing with thespians is that they can’t keep anything to themselves]They are so effusive, [they gush rather] so I know already that we’re in for a treat.

SEVEN COURSE GOURMET MENU: The Bell’ in Iden is having a seven course gourmet menu for new year .If you wish to know details, go to their website[]

MURDER MYSTERY [CREEPY OR WHAT!]: January30th, in the village hall, there will be a murder mystery. Details to follow regarding tickets.

THE IDEN FETE: It may well be early to think about it, but July 25th is the Iden fete, and by the time the first snowdrop pops it’s little head up in the churchyard our thoughts race towards the possibility of summer [no time for complacency whatsoever!]

DETAILS TO FOLLOW: I will fill you in with the details of the carol service, and the Iden Christmas meal next week, but keep warm, and above all safe at New Year, and look ahead, because there is so much to look forward to. It’s not half bad being an ‘Idenite’ is it?

CONTACT ME: I’d love to add any of your news to the village voice, so please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01-797 280311]

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street