A MOUSE IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM: I could never go on a safari, because I am such a big wooze .I am more afraid of a mouse, than anything on this earth .Anyway, in nine years I have never seen a mouse in our house, until this week, when one ran across the utility room floor [oh my giddy aunt!] It was a wild, windy night, and in all probability, it came in through the air vent connected to the washing airer. Although I’m in and out all day long putting in washing, I have never seen hide nor hair of a mouse, so I hope [please God] that he was a new-comer. My husband was out, so I put the cat in the utility room and shut the door [time for Moses to pay for his keep!] My husband [the big game hunter] set a trap to keep the peace. I don’t mind spiders, but I don’t like things which crawl along too slowly, or zip along too quickly [what is it with creatures], that they can’t saunter along like the rest of us!]. All in all, I’m a shameful country-dweller really, not fit to inhabit Iden, where sweet field- mice frolic as a matter of course. David Attenborough, don’t bother calling here for an assistant!

THANK YOU FROM IDEN BOWLS CLUB: The jumble sale on Saturday17th January went very well. The Bowls Club committee wish to thank all members and non-members who helped, and all who supported the jumble sale. They made the princely sum of £637. Well done!

THEY ARE ONLY LEARNING THEIR LINES: There are folk walking along to Iden stores, muttering and gesticulating. [leave them be] They are thespians, learning their lines [I wouldn’t interfere, they can be very snappy!] Tickets will soon on sale in Iden Stores for our pantomime [drum roll please]. ‘Ali Baba’, which will be performed on March 20th and 21st. It should be great!

MURDEROUS GOINGS ON!: Next week, on Friday 30th January, there is a ‘Murder Mystery Evening’, in the village hall. Tickets are on sale in Iden Stores, and cost £10, which includes a fish and chip supper. So, bring sauces and condiments, and a knife and fork, and drinks can be purchased via donation. All proceeds go to the Church, and the village hall. Everyone loves a ‘whodunit’ don’t they?

THE POP-IN: There is nowhere quite like the Pop-In for sharing joy and strife, and coffee/tea and a biscuit .It’s the essence of community, and the next Pop-In will be on Monday 2nd February.

BINGO: The next Bingo is on Thursday 5th February, in the village hall. Doors open at 2pm, and eyes down at 2.30pm.There is a jackpot, and a flier, as well as the usual books, and a tea, at half time, costing only £1[sandwiches and cakes] Everyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome.

‘WILDLIFE WONDERS OF CORNWALL’: That is the title of the talk , tonight in the village hall, at the ‘Iden And District Natural History Society’ at 7.30 pm. The talk will be given by Jack Perks. Non –members are welcome, and pay £3.

ISN’T IT GRAND TO HAVE A CINEMA IN RYE?: I’ve always loved the cinema. It’s always intrigued me, the way a film evolves. It’s not just the actors, but watching a film, I like to think of the work involved by a host of artistic people all of whom push the boundaries . The locations they pick, and the way they use colours, and design the sets and costumes, and draw us in to a couple of hours pure escapism can be a tonic. Some films are a great disappointment aren’t they, but it’s so good to see a film that we really enjoy, a film that leaves it’s mark on us, whatever our taste, momentarily lifting us, and allowing us to be part of what is happening on the screen. It distracts us from the mundane, and allows us to dream. All this, and it’s on our doorstep now too!

SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday1st February, at 9.30 am.

LITTLE INSIGNIFICANT THINGS: It’s funny how things that people say, no matter how ordinary, can lurk in our brains forever. This week, while contemplating going to Rye market for a length of P.V.C. [oilcloth], for my kitchen table [something vibrant to herald the New Year] I remember a nurse colleague, an Irish girl from County Sligoh, telling me, that even the purchase of some new oilcloth for a table could at one time, when she was a child , create a stab of jealousy from neighbours in their farming community [possibly it signified a change in status.] There is no change in status in this house, but there is something lovely about swapping tales of times past, when the slightest home improvement brought such appreciation., and a piece of oilcloth was enough to swell the heart!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01797 280311], and I’ll gladly include it.

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street