SOMETHING THAT MOVES: Recently, I went to the auction gallery in Rye Harbour and I bid for a clock. It was a carved wooden clock hanging on the wall, which seemed to be saying, “I want to live at your house” [and who am I to argue.] It has a pendulum, and I like a pendulum, and it gongs on the hour, and half hour. It’s rather nice, having things in the house which move and make a noise, isn’t it?. Oh, I’m not just talking about people or pets, but a crackling, fire, and clocks ticking, or sounding the hour can break the silence, and make a home seem alive. Apart from the washing machine which grumbles it’s way to a stop, and the fridge, which every now and again gives a shuddery sigh [more than likely to let us know that it’s no joke being chilly all the time!], most inanimate things are still and silent .Anyway! we wrapped this clock up like a baby, and took it to get it checked out. It’s quite difficult to find a clock-repairer. Everyone wants their child to be a brain surgeon these days, but how nice it must be to say “I’m a clock-repairer”. Think of the patience required, and the know-how, and the appreciation of the finer details .There is a kind of Dickensian, stoicism about it, sitting alone with a table full of springs and screws that only you can make head nor tail of [mind you, you would never own up to it because everyone in the neighbourhood would be knocking on the door in their dressing gown and slippers with a broken alarm clock wouldn’t they?]

TICKETS ON SALE FOR ‘ALIBABA’: Tickets for the pantomime ‘Alibaba’, are on sale in Iden Stores. Performances are on Friday March 20th [evening performance], and Saturday March 21st [afternoon and evening performances] There are some thespian knees knocking around here, but when backstage tension mounts, we know it’s going to be a good show!

ROBBERS ON THE LOOKOUT: The robbers in our panto, are on the lookout for some ‘booty’, which translates into raffle prizes for the pantomime raffle. The recipients of the raffle money will be St. Michael’s Hospice and Iden village hall. If anyone is willing to donate a raffle prize for these worthy causes, they will be very gratefully received. If you ring Teresa Parsons [telephone 01-797 280143], she will help you on where and when to bring the prizes.

KEEPING TERESA IN MIND: Teresa runs short-mat bowls on Wednesday afternoons in Iden village hall from 2pm-4pm. The afternoon costs £3.50, for the hire of the hall and refreshments, and is fun and good exercise. Short mat is gaining momentum, and it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier,’so if you wish to have a go [no previous experience required,] please ring Teresa Parsons[as above, telephone 01-797 280143]

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: The talk at the next meeting on Friday March 13th, is ‘Swifts’, given by Edward Mayer .The meeting in Iden village hall, starts at 7.30pm. Visitors are welcome, and they pay £3.

THE SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday 8th March, at 9.30am. Lent lunches are being served in the ‘Old Hall’, on Tuesdays [10th March, 17th, and 24th March] Donations for the soup and bread lunches go to the ‘ Children’s Society ‘.

MOTHER’S DAY SERVICE: There will be a Mother’s Day service on Sunday 15th March at 9.30 am in Iden Parish Church. During the service, a posy of flowers will be given to the ladies in the congregation, so it would be lovely to have families at the service, to celebrate our lovely mums. .If anyone has flowers and foliage they could donate towards the posies, it would much appreciated, and also, some assistance in making up the posies would be a great help. Flowers and foliage may be taken to the Old Hall on Saturday, 14th March [from 2pm onward], or to Tracy Turk on Saturday March 14th,[up until 2pm], at 7, Elmsmead There is a collection box in Iden Stores, for any donation, no matter how small, towards flowers for the altar on Mother’s Day. The flowers will be taken to Rye Memorial Hospital after the service, for patients and relatives to enjoy you can ring Sue Cavella, [telephone 01-797 230431], if you can help make posies.

A MEAL I DON’T HAVE TO COOK: Oh I love going out for a meal don’t you? Even a burger [especially a burger!] We had a lovely meal at ‘The Bell’ on Friday 27th Feb., with the Iden Fete Committee. Lovely folk once we prise them away from their plant stalls, ‘Bargains Galore’, and cocoanut shy etc. A handsome bunch too without those red fete committee tee-shirts. Not long now before we can have a burger or a sausage in a bun cooked by Dave Studely at the actual fete----there’s none finer [after me you’re first!]

A LOOK- IN ON THE ‘DOLL’ FAMILY: Recently, my daughter bought me a doll’s house for Christmas. I was thrilled, because I’d always wanted one. I don’t always give it the attention it deserves, because there is always so much to do in an actual house isn’t there? When I do take time to look at it though, I find myself moving furniture around, and sitting different people at the kitchen table. I have teenagers in there , and old folk, and a baby or two, and some middle-aged sets of parents. The other day, my granddaughter came, and we went out to choose doll’s house furniture. She loves to place it [she’s got more idea than I have] We still have the landing and a utility room to do, but we take ages pondering what to buy, [it’s not cheap this doll’s house stuff. It’s about £1 for a tiny doll’s house-sized pork chop!] We do have a kitchen, a nursery, a lounge, a bathroom, a sewing room and three bedrooms, already furnished.. Occasionally I really take stock of it, and it’s so easy and relaxing to just peer into the lives of those miniature, pretend people, with their plastic limbs. No need to worry about whether they’re wearing a coat, or living beyond their means, or coming down with flu. With a real family it’s a different kettle of fish isn’t it?

CONTACT ME: If there is anything anyone wishes to add to the village voice, I will gladly include it Please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01-797 280311].

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street