STOCK-PILE THE SALT AND VINEGAR: There are certain things which most of us feel the need to own in some sort of abundance [or at least keep a spare] just in case we sprain something and can’t get to the shops, or some natural disaster like high winds suddenly cut us off from sustenance. ! I always keep a few tins of spray polish, and I do keep bleach in some quantity too. I would be hard-pushed to live without peanut butter and salt and vinegar crisps [both monstrously fattening], and in case of a flood or famine, I keep endless packets of pasta, and several bottles of chilli sauce [which I keep in the wine rack] Also, a giant-sized margarine [for the vitamin ’D’], and a big bowl of lemons [Lemons look so homely on the window sill, and are of course useful for preventing scurvy, should this natural disaster I’m talking about prove lengthy!] I do tend to stockpile flour and dried yeast. It’s a comfort to at least have the wherewithal to produce an emergency loaf [although people would probably prefer to go without my homemade bread, even if starving!] We have Iden Stores of course, so we are never far from commodities, but we are a little way off the beaten track. However, we have to draw the line somewhere, we can’t accumulate everything, or prepare for every eventuality, but isn’t it so, that the need to keep our homes clean and all and sundry fed is as ingrained in us as a prairie housewife mindful that the crops could suddenly fail!

A LOVELY SERVICE: The Mothering Sunday service at Iden Parish Church was special. Thank you Teresa, and for all the ladies who made up the posies for the mothers in the congregation..

THANK YOU FOR THE NIGHT OUT: Paul and Mandy Parsons, and their team of waitresses, would like to thank all those who contributed to a ‘staff-collection’, following the Iden Christmas dinner in the village hall last December. They had a very nice meal out, all seven of them, on the proceeds of the collection, and Paul was able to be on the other side of ‘the pass’ for a change!.

ANYONE SEEN THE IDEN TROTTERS?: I haven’t mentioned the Iden Trotters lately, that brave set of ladies tramping the fields around Iden and beyond in their stout walking boots. Are they okay? They aren’t stuck somewhere are they, sheltering in some ancient shepherd’s hut with only a slab of mint cake between them. Are they?. No! I know they are alright, because someone is supervising the printing of their leaflets [seen in Iden Stores] and would be going for help [setting off flares, or whatever it is these people do] Anyway, wherever you are girls, we wish you God speed.

BREAK A LEG ALL YOU THESPIANS: Tonight is the first night of the Pantomime ‘Ali Baba’, in the village hall. Tis a night for donning stoles, wearing perfume, and airing the family jewels. I’m wearing my ‘ Liz Hurley’ with safety pins up the side., but an anorak, and a carefully placed scarf will suffice. Popcorn will be frowned upon [it’s too crunchy], and for those performing on stage, it sounds like avalanche! We wish them all well. They have worked hard. It will be splendid.! There are still a few tickets left, so please contact Teresa Parsons [telephone 01-797 280143]

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There will be no service at Iden Parish Church, or Playden Church this coming Sunday 22nd March, but the Bishop Of Lewes, is coming to preach at St Mary’s Church in Rye, at the 10.30am service. If anyone needs a lift, please contact our vicar Teresa [telephone 01-797 229219]

There will be a ‘Churches together’ meeting in Playden church on 22nd March, at 4.30 pm, for tea and a singing.

THE POP-IN: The next Pop-In, will be on Monday 23rd March at 11.30 am in Iden village hall, AND------the following week on Monday 30th March [two consecutive weeks, to allow for Easter] Do come along, it’s so nice to see everyone

BINGO: THE NEXT Bingo will be on Thursday 26th March, in Iden village hall, at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. The next Bingo after that will be on Thursday 9th April, [to allow for Easter], so how about we have hot cross buns on the 26th [yes lets], and maybe a few daffodils on the table. Bingo is always fun, and the prizes are fairly substantial. Anyone from Iden and the surrounding area is most welcome to come along, grab a Bingo marker and join us..

WE ARE SO LUCKY: Sometimes we hanker after the simplicity of the past. Living in Iden, we can sense the past all around us. We only need to look over a hedge onto a newly-tilled field, and imagine farming as it used to be, but life could be a time bomb in days gone by. When I started nursing it was very much like ‘Call The Midwife’. Our collars were so starched and scratchy, that we all had a permanent red line on our necks. [I was always in trouble for wearing eye shadow] Anyway, [in spite of being outwardly ‘tarty’] I used to love the Endocrine system., and was fascinated by how this system of glands, headed up by the pituitary gland actually ruled the roost in the human body, and if these glands suddenly took it upon themselves to under[hypo], or over[hyper] secrete their hormones, we were in trouble. Nowadays, their disparity still causes problems, but things are picked up early, monitored and treated, so many of the textbook manifestations are either not seen, or at the very least controlled., so that people affected can still lead normal lives. With each decade we are able to conquer so much more. People are beavering away in labs to cure whatever ails us. So maybe the good old days weren’t always so good. Many years ago, the farmer had his straw hat, his smock and his ‘dripping ‘ sandwich and peace, perfect peace, but I wouldn’t have held up much hope for his poor old thyroid should it suddenly have decided to run amok!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the village voice, please ring me [telephone 01-797 280311], and I’ll gladly include it.

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street