GET THE COFFEE ON!: Iden has many a coffee morning. Isn’t it amazing what a coffee morning can do for the community. As a matter of fact isn’t a cup of coffee or tea, heart- warming at any old time. If anyone offers us a cup of coffee, we feel immediately cosseted. It’s the warmth, the steam, the shape of the mug, and the fact that someone else has made it for us. My idea of heaven is a coffee shop with a squashy, vacant settee, in which to make a temporary home, so I can spread out, take another look at my shopping, and read a book, or one of their complimentary newspapers! .Coffee mornings instigate fun, frivolity, and sharing. They make money. Transactions take place in coffee shops, and even in the village hall. They get the ball rolling, the conversation flowing, and other factors like the accompanying biscuits and cake [especially cake] and books maybe, and a bric –a –brac stall, all add to the ambiance, and before long we have a party, and life as we know it is momentarily centred around a village hall or community centre, or someone else’s living room! We share joy, we commiserate, swap recipes , discuss books, medication, childbirth, advancing age, you name it, and it all starts with a cup of coffee, or tea. Well, wasn’t it tea that got us through the war [tea and Churchill]. These homey, comforting beverages could get us through just about anything!

FUN WITH FLOWERS: Iden WI, on Tuesday 14th April, was awash with flowers, when. Anne Banning, and Carol Bourne demonstrated flower arrangement in Iden village hall. We were all given a saucer, and a piece of oasis, held down by floristry tape, and there were flowers to choose from, and various types of foliage. The evening was well-planned, and everyone went home with their own floral art. A good time was had by all. Most of the time speakers are selected from a list provided, but now and again it’s nice to have our own members teach us something from their own repertoire.

ANNE’S RAINFALL: Anne Banning reported that Iden’s rainfall for March was 0.54 inches [thank you Anne]

SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30 am on Sunday 26th April.

THE POP-IN: The next Pop-In, will be on Monday 27th April at 11 am in the village hall. Everyone is most welcome.

BINGO: The next Bingo will be on Thursday 30th April, in Iden village hall .Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. Everyone from Iden and the surrounding area is welcome. There is a jackpot, and a flier, as well as the normal books, and a raffle and a light tea [costing only one pound] It’s always a fun afternoon!

A BIT BOWLED OVER: I was bowled over by the standard of exhibits, at the Iden And Playden Garden Society Spring Show, held in Iden village hall on Saturday 18th April. Initially hit by the scent of flowers, I wandered about much impressed by the sheer volume of exhibits, and the overall talent. There were wonderful flower arrangements, a craft section, and Flowers and vegetables, all categorised, and then judged by experts from outside the Iden And Playden Garden Society . Best exhibit was won by Janet Johnson, with a beautiful display of daffodils, white blooms, with an unusual peach-coloured centre. The most points in show section was also won by Janet Johnson--- 2nd prize to Carol Worwood, and third to Yvonne Metcalf----. Most points in the daffodil section were---- first Janet Johnson, 2nd Carol Worwood, and third Denny Nicol.-----Most points in Floral Art were, first Trish Evans, and second[tied]Anne Banning and Janet Johnson.---Most points for craft were---- first Yvonne Metcalf, 2nd Janet Johnson, and third Carol Worwood. Congratulations to all those who exhibited, and particularly those who received first, second or third prizes for their entries. Thank you to Morris Metcalf, and Yvonne Metcalf, who organised the show, and all those who helped to make it such a success.

NE’ER CAST A CLOUT: ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May is out’, goes the saying, so I’m still wearing my bed socks. I had no idea what that saying meant, until I asked Sid [Sid was a man who used to work for my husband], a real old character. He used to say that he liked his tea strong and his women weak, but he’d been married for 60 years to a lovely, tiny little lady called Rose, who used to roll her hair up on pipe cleaners, but never comb it out [little sausage curls all over her head] They lead a quaint , simple life.. Anyway these two kept chickens in the middle of Bromley, and one [unbeknown to them] turned out to be, a cockerel called ‘Snowy’, who crowed each morning [and nothing gets to crow in Bromley for any length of time] so Sid took his cockerel on the bus in a cat basket for a course of hormone injections.[you couldn’t make it up could you?] It didn’t work, and in due course Snowy had to go to the big hen-house in the sky .I always think of Sid in May. I remember thinking how happy he was with his 6o year marriage. .Expectations these days seem so grandiose, but all he needed was a cup of tea, a few chickens in a tiny garden, and Rose with her pipe-cleaner curls!

CONTACT ME: If anyone has anything to add to the Village Voice, do give me a ring [telephone Gill Griffin, on [01-797 280311] and I’ll be glad to include it.

Gill Griffin

Belfield, Main Street