NICE AND LIGHT: There is something special about the light evenings isn’t there? It’s as though the afternoon has forgotten the time, and drifted on towards the evening, so that daylight stays with us, until almost bedtime, and uninhibited by winter’s early darkness, we embark on a kind of lightness of spirit. We haven’t got that many children in Iden, but there always seems to the sound of children playing somewhere during light evenings, and the ‘thwack’ of a ball that tells us a game is being played not too far away. I don’t dislike winter evenings, they have their own special characteristics, but, evenings with extended light, give the sense that the whole of Iden still has that middle of the afternoon energy at a time when a few months ago we may have been switching the blanket on ready to ‘ hit the hay’. The lighter evenings spark activity. People are out and about, and there is increased gaiety, as though time has been stretched for our convenience. I look forward to even greater extensions of light as the days roll along, and those summer evening trick us into thinking we are on holiday, although we remain steadfastly, right here in Iden..

A MESSAGE FOR EVERYONE: Last Tuesday morning, I received a phone call from Elizabeth [a.ka, ‘ the previously Iden Stores Elizabeth’], who asked me to thank each and every one of you who sent cards and presents to Elizabeth and Geoff, upon their departure, some of which arrived before they were able to say “ thank you”. She said that they were both ‘choked’, and very grateful for your kindness. They are now having a good rest in Hastings, in a flat overlooking the sea [a fitting place for a kind of convalescence, which I’m sure both need] They are going to rest, and visit family, and generally have time to take stock and have some time to ‘smell the flowers’, before planning their next venture [Lovely folk, I think you would all agree] God bless them.

CARPETS OF YELLOW: It’s here again, showing for it’s keep, dazzling us with it’s yellow hues. Oil seed rape of course [anyone who is allergic I sympathise, because it must be a trying ‘hankies to noses time’], but it is undeniably beautiful and prolific, and looks as though all the sun’s rays have settled in it’s fields. Our ever-changing landscape entrances like a pedlar’ s blanket time and time again. We are lucky folk to live amongst such pretty landscapes.

IDEN BOWLS CLUB OUT IN FORCE: Once again, people are bowling on the Iden Bowls green, all set for the summer. Roll-ups[mini-practices], happen on most days, and a few spectators gather to watch and enjoy a cup of tea in the sun It is an institution, and it’s summery and uncomplicated All you need is a set of bowls, an arm, and a pair of comfy flat shoes. ‘Whites’, of course are worn for matches, and it is a splendid sight, to see a bowls match in progress, because it smacks of the propriety that England is still able to muster .Ladies and gentlemen of all ages are welcome to join, or at least give it a try. Ring 01-797 280573, or 01-797 280568, if you are interested.

SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday 3rd May at 9.30am

THE POP-IN: There will be a Pop-In at 11am, on Monday 11th May, in Iden village hall .Everyone is welcome, for tea/coffee, biscuits, and a general get-together.

BINGO: The next Bingo, will be on Thursday 14th May, in Iden village hall .Doors open at 2pm, eyes down at 2.30pm. Everyone from Iden and surrounding villages is welcome .It’s an enjoyable afternoon. The prizes are well worth having, and there is a raffle, a jackpot, a flier [as well as the normal Bingo books], and tea/coffee, cakes and sandwiches, are available, costing only a pound.

LIVING WITH A WINNER: Recently, my husband won first prize with three sticks of rhubarb, at the Iden and Playden Garden Society Spring show. Initially I was delighted for him, but after a week or so, it wore a bit thin [strutting about asking folk if they wanted his autograph!] Anyway, I put a stop to all that, I dug up the rhubarb, made a crumble , and stuck him in the hole afforded by said rhubarb.[actually he doesn’t cost much to feed now. No more chicken or lamb chops. I just water him in with a few drops of Baby Bio![I’m joking of course, he is sitting here, singing, “We Are The Champions”]. Thank the Lord he isn’t in a boy band [he doesn’t cope well with fame!] I notice we don’t hear a peep out of those who won several categories!

CONTACT ME: If anyone wishes to add something to the Village Voice, please ring Gill Griffin [telephone 01-797 280311], and I’ll gladly include it.