DISAPPEARING WOMEN: Women from Iden, Brede, Winchelsea and Appledore go missing from our streets at this time of the year. Their absence is unfortunate, but it isn't a Police matter, they are merely at home, in their kitchens furtively making mincemeat. Secret recipes abound. The smell of zested lemons, cinnamon and brandy seeps through keyholes on the darkest of nights but we dare not knock, for a mincemeat recipe is a sacred thing, not to mention the Christmas cake recipe, or the puddings. Though a Christmas pudding recipe may have been the only thing bequeathed by a parent, it's worth its weight in gold. Suet and dark brown sugar is carried home like a gift from the wise-men, followed next week by the glace cherries and the candied peel. The brandy bottle is fetched from the back of the cupboard dusted and sniffed at in order to soak the sultanas. These women have a determined demeanour, unsurprisingly for, they may have a line of puddings to make, one for aunt Ada, one for the lady next door who never goes out, one for the vicar perhaps who's Christmas is nothing but sermons, one for a plump, lazy cousin who's never boiled an egg in her life, but it is of no matter. To be known for one's puddings, one's mince pies or delectable Christmas cake is high praise indeed. These women are not missing from our streets at all . They are in their kitchens wearing Christmas aprons awaiting their accolades!

Friday, 30th November 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 10:02 pm

PROUD OF OUR HEALTH CENTRE: I think we are fortunate to have such an efficient Health Centre. It’s big and caters for every age group with the same amount of concern, but it’s also homely, warm and relaxed. Its technology is up to date, and every room is a positive step towards our health and well-being. Its pharmacy is both efficient and convenient. This week my daughter in law was given a visitor’s appointment, because she became unwell while visiting us. She was very impressed and not only was she treated kindly and efficiently, but I felt proud when she praised her treatment [a kind of medical nepotism I suppose], and they even have a children’s play area, nice magazines and a minute of fame when our name is called out and flashed on the screen!] They make us feel important.

TOMORROW IS IDEN’S CHRISTMAS MEAL: For all those going to the Iden Christmas meal at the village hall, it’s 12.30pm for 1pm. Kick off Christmas and have a great time!

THE BOWLS CLUB CHRISTMAS FAIR: Thank you to all those who helped at the Iden Bowls Club Christmas fair last Saturday. It was a warm, cosy affair, with Santa, a lovely Christmas tree, and masses of home-made goods, such as decorations, toys, dressed dolls, fancy goods, knitted goods handmade cards and boxes, and beautiful cakes, sweets, chutneys, crab-apple jelly, shortbread and gingerbread, with tea, coffee and home-made mince pies. It had the feel of an old -fashioned Christmas, and it was heart-warming to see how much work went into the sewing and cooking, by talented folk who pulled Christmas out of the bag . The club made £700,and they would like to thank all those who came and supported them. It was much appreciated.

THE CAROL SERVICE AT ALL-SAINTS CHURCH IDEN: Iden’s Carol Service is on Thursday 20th December at 7pm. All are welcome. I love our Carol Service, it’s always so warm, friendly and homely. The church smells of pine and perfume, and it seems that the whole of the Iden area come to sing, hear the Christmas readings celebrate Christmas together and enjoy wine and Christmas nibbles in the church afterwards. All proceeds from the Carol Service will go to the Rye Food Bank.

FAMILY SERVICE THIS SUNDAY: This Sunday at 9.30am, all are welcome to Iden church , for a family service of Holy Communion, with coffee, tea and biscuits in the Old Hall afterwards.

A CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY TOMORROW IN THE OLD HALL: Tomorrow [1st December], children from the Iden area are invited to a children’s Christmas party, which was a great success last year. Please bring your little ones along from 2pm-4pm, for a great time in The Old Hall by the church.

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: On 14th December in Iden village hall, there is a lecture at 7.30pm , entitled ‘THE NATURAL HISTORY OF BEEKEEPING’, by Dr. Mick Lynn. All are welcome, visitors pay £3.

TALENT NEEDED: Anyone interested in acting, singing or helping behind stage for the Iden Player’s next production in Iden village hall, please ring Teresa [telephone 01797 280143] and come to the next meeting in Iden village hall at 2.30pm on Sunday 9th December, to discuss plans and rehearsals. There must be a wealth of would-be thespians who would love to join in the camaraderie of belonging to such a happy band of players.

A BIT OF MOTOWN: My husband is dancing in the living room. The cat has walked off in a huff. He discovered his old CD player in the garage yesterday covered in brick dust and we’ve had everything from the Shadows to Motown as he bops around on his arthritic knee recapturing his youth [now he’s playing air-guitar]. He’s remembering the heady string-vest days of his youth. I was going downstairs to make a ham sandwich, but I don’t want to interrupt him. Now he’s whistling and singing and playing air guitar- Now he’s being a DJ, and I’m not about to let a ham sandwich spoil such a happy delusion. If I ask him if he wants mustard, the moment will be lost. There is nothing nicer than becoming young again, rolling back the years. It’s better than all the statins and Beta-Blockers in the world. I may just rock downstairs and join him. He’s playing ‘Sweet little Sixteen’ and I’m remembering my long white boots and pale pink Maybelline lipstick. If you can’t beat a delusion, you’re better to join it!

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