THE CHRISTMAS CHAIR: What is it about growing older which makes us decide upon a chair in the living room and lay claim to it. When we are young, we sit anywhere, lolling about, lounging around on any old chair, but as we mature, we sort out a chair which best suits our aches and pains and our disposition. We migrate towards such a chair, and if anyone else sits in it, it can seem an intrusion of the highest order. I have such a chair, a smallish armchair which badly needs a recover, but sitting in it is the equivalent of having a cup of hot chocolate and two aspirin. Surrounding my chair is a mess of the day's newspaper, sewing, tea cups , and at this time of year baubles, tinsel, scissors ,ribbon material,endless lists of food and presents and red bows . It's a work in progress, a Christmas factory , and if anyone drops in, it's a mad rush to tidy it up and get a dustpan and brush. It is indeed Santa's workshop. I wouldn't be surprised to see an elf bringing me a cup of tea, but to me there is nothing quite as homely as preparing for Christmas .

Friday, 23rd November 2018, 5:00 am

A CHRISTMAS FAIR TOMORROW IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: Tomorrow, from 11am-2pm, there is a big , bountiful Christmas fair in Iden village hall, with all kinds of useful, ornamental and edible Christmas attractions. Iden Bowls Club racked their brains to produce a bran tub for the kids, homemade sweets and cakes, decorations, handmade goods, gifts, cards, Christmas hangings, pine cones and dried oranges, gift tags, a tombola, coffee, tea and mince pies, and Santa himself. Everyone from far and wide is welcome, and as December approaches, it’s time to begin!

THE IDEN CHRISTMAS MEAL: Iden’s Christmas meal is on Saturday December 1st, at 12.30pm, for 1pm, in Iden village hall. Do get your tickets and have a wonderful meal for only £10. Ring Teresa [telephone 280143] to procure a place and have a jolly good time.

IDEN PLAYERS NEED NEW MEMBERS. Iden players are looking for thespians and helpers for next year’s show in the village hall. There must be a wealth of untapped talent in Iden, and people who enjoy helping back stage. There is a meeting in Iden village hall on 9th December, at 2.30pm to discuss the show and hopefully welcome new members. Its tremendous fun taking part. Please ring Teresa [telephone 01797 280143] if you have any questions.

THE NATURAL HISTORY LECTURE- TONIGHT IN IDEN VILLAGE HALL: Tonight at 7.30pm, in Iden village hall, there is a lecture entitled ‘ In Winter’s Light’, by Colin Page. These entertaining, informative lectures from ‘Iden and District Natural History Society’ have been enjoyed for almost 100 years. The 100th anniversary is next year. Visitors pay £3, and all are welcome.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a service of Holy Communion this Sunday in Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am.

CHOOSING THE CHRISTMAS CARDS: This year I haven’t found a Christmas card which grabs my attention. I like a bright Christmas card, something glittery and cheery, so I’ve had to plump for cards which are just okay. I’ve worn out too much shoe leather feverously searching. Maybe it’s Brexit, and gloom and doom, but the Christmas cards this year seem to lack imagination. Anyway, we’ve trailed from shop to shop, it’s such a big thing isn’t it , choosing cards. “Just get a box of fifty for £2.99 “ my husband says, bored out of his brain. “Which one do you think,” I ask him, knowing full well I might as well ask the man in the moon. I have favourite cards too beautiful to discard which I save and put up year after year. Sometimes I see a card in a shop I fall in love with, one which will just go on the window sill with Christmas holly, and I’ll buy it and put a made- up name inside, ‘to Gill and Ray, love Geraldine and Bill’, “ Who are Geraldine and Bill?” my husband asks. I have one with tangerines on which I’ve had ten years. I put it by the fruit bowl. Cards are meaningful. I love them. Expensive, yes, stamps are expensive aren’t they, but that feeling of picking up a pile from the doormat is one of the best parts of Christmas.

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