GETTING TO KNOW YOU: My friendship with my computer has been a gradual thing, but It's fast becoming the kind of friendship where we share secrets and have the odd sleepover in our pyjamas. However, I have to say it's been an arduous journey. For a very long time Imagined a little man with a pencil inside it, frantically looking up things on Encyclopaedia Britannica. Even now, we have dreadful '˜fallings out' which I swear blind is all the computer's fault [nothing to do with my elbow leaning on '˜Caps Lock']. I find things out about it every day, a bit like finding out that a friend is allergic to prawns. The worst thing is wondering where my written tombs go to. They suddenly disappear, like a friend packing up and spending the summer in Cleethorpes without asking me to feed the cat. I find myself running after documents, similar to an anxious mother yelling 'will you please come home for your tea'. I must say though, like the best of friendships the more I find out about its strengths, and the way it actually does save my letters, the more I look forward to switching it on, but I have to concede that it's less fond of me than I am of it. It's a case of 'Gill, if you press my delete button one more time you can cancel the sleepover!'

Friday, 9th November 2018, 6:00 am

A GRAND AND GLORIOUS CHRISTMAS FAIR!: If you want a one-stop Christmas, do come to the Iden Bowls Club Christmas fair on the 24th November, in Iden village hall, from 11am-2pm. Rather than say what will be there, I’ll tell you it’s more of a case of ‘what won’t be there’. There will be gifts, table decorations , Christmas hangings, cakes, tombola, gift tags, cards, home-made, sweets, tea-lights, pine cone and orange decorative bags ,hand-made Christmas decorations a bran tub for the kids, guess the weight of the cake, and who will be there to greet you other than Santa himself! There will be refreshments too. Everyone from far and wide is welcome.

IDEN CHRISTMAS LUNCH: There will be a Christmas luncheon for seniors, on 1st December, in Iden village hall, [12.30pm for 1pm]. Tickets are available at £10 per head. To book, ring Teresa [telephone 280143], and just come and enjoy!

MORE TALENT NEEDED FOR IDEN PLAYERS: There is a further meeting of Iden Players on Sunday 9th December, at 2.30pm, in Iden village hall. Anyone who would like to be on stage or helping behind scenes is welcome to come along and join in, in readiness to start rehearsals for the Iden Players next production. Please ring Teresa [telephone 01797 280143] if you would like to take part.

REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE IN IDEN PARISH: There will be a Remembrance Day service this Sunday in Iden Parish Church, no communion, but following the service there will be a Service at the War Memorial in the centre of the village. All are welcome.

IDEN AND DISTRICT NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY: Tonight, in Iden village hall, there is a lecture entitled ‘April In Turkey’, by Brian Gallop. Visitors pay £3. The first meeting of the Natural History Society was in July 1919, in Iden post office. Meetings alternated between the Post office, Oxenbridge Farmhouse and ‘East View ‘ where Ted Catt lived. Gathered in their records are many interesting chronicles of wildlife and social history. 2019 will mark the society’s centenary.

MISTER GRUMPY STARTS CHRISTMAS: My husband has just been up in the loft for the Christmas trees. It’s a day I dread until he gradually calms down. The air is blue with expletives! Men do have the worst of Christmas jobs though, getting logs in, putting up the lights, fetching extension leads and re- arranging the furniture. I just swan around dealing with baubles and talcum-powder foot prints. I have started wrapping parcels though with some fury. To be honest, I have no idea what I’ve bought for anyone. Gifts get furrowed away and forgotten. One of my husband’s jobs is peeling Christmas vegetables, so as long as I get him comfortably seated with a saucepan, a paring knife and a cup of tea, he happily peels away. He is already deciding how many sprouts we all get [a yearly conundrum] His greatest gift is that he puts up with me and my childish love of Christmas, and for that I am thankful. A lesser man would shove me up the chimney and deny all knowledge.

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