SEW AND SEW: One of my favourite things in all the world is a bit of hand-sewing. Mind you, it's not without its dangers. I don't know how many times I prick my finger or lose my needle, and there is a frantic search lest someone in the family ends up in '˜A and E' for exploratory surgery. There is just something about a needle and thread that makes me feel content. My husband likes it too because I rarely sew and speak. One of my fingers has even developed a bumpy, wayward look through over-use. Do you ladies remember being taught sewing? It was kind of special wasn't it proudly coming home from school with a sampler or a shoe bag and in the days when we didn't have a tele, there was something heartening about having our mums teach us cross stitch or embroidery to stave off boredom. One of my favourite jaunts is to a haberdashery shop to enthuse with someone else about rick-rack braid and fat quarters. If the cat gets on my lap and I find myself having to sew right up under my chin to accommodate her. I'm no good with a sewing machine [in fact I'm useless with any kind of machine], but a simple needle and thread makes me feel that my world is pared down to nothing more than a French knot and a thimble.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 7:00 am

THE KING OF THE BONSAI: This week I was fortunate to be privy to one of Ken Fairhall’s Bonsai trees, a holly which after thirty years under Ken’s masterly hand has remained miniature but to his delight had come into small white flowers. Ken, as most of us know views the world with the quiet contentment of a gardener, someone humbled by the gifts of the soil. We should plant Ken and take cuttings because his patience is unique and his Bonsai’s the happiest guys in the garden.

A MESSAGE FROM TERESA: Iden Players are having a meeting in the village hall on Sunday 28th October at 2.30pm to see who would like to be involved and what we are doing for the next show which will be on Saturday March 19th. We are looking for a new pianist, so if anyone can play the piano we would love to hear from you. New members will be more than welcome. We have a role for everyone be it on stage or behind the scenes, so do please come along. If you would like to be involved but can’t make the 28th, please ring Teresa on 01797 280143.

TONIGHT IS BINGO NIGHT: Iden Bowls Club is holding one of their fun, frivolous Bingo nights tonight in Iden Bowls Club [opposite ‘the Bell’ pub] at 6.30pm for 7pm.There will be a raffle and refreshments, and all are welcome.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There will be a service of Holy Communion in Iden Parish Church, on Sunday at 9.30am.

THE QUIZ AT THE BELL: On Wednesday 24th October there is a quiz at the Bell pub at 7pm for 7.30pm. This evening of fun is a wake-up call for the brain cells, and very enjoyable it is too. All are welcome from the Rye area

TAKE- AWAYS: I love a take- away don’t you? The bliss of having one’s food out of plastic containers [which come in so handy afterwards for little bits and bobs like fish- hooks and jam- labels] plus not having to cook, which is an amazing reprieve. Mind you once in a while is enough, I’m not sure I’d want to eat out of plastic every night. A pizza delivery used to be a treat too. Those huge cardboard boxes and all that melted cheese, plus the pizza man in that jaunty little uniform, and the search for pocket- change to sort out his tip. A take away usually presents itself on days when we know that cooking another meal might just tip us over the edge. It’s a holiday from the stove, the Thomas Cook of gastronomy. I tend to stick to chilly beef and special fried rice because changing sends me into a tailspin of indecision. All we need is cutlery and no there is no washing up, and sometimes we get one of those foil- wrapped hand-wiping cloths, all warm and comforting [a wipe round with one of those things and we don’t even need much of an evening wash!]

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