LOTS TO LOOK FORWARD TO: The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness brings with its own array of pleasure doesn't it and we are lucky enough to live in a part of England with a back-drop that shows off Harvest- Festival, Guy Fawkes night and Halloween with a special kind of glow and a background of stars. Iden's unlit streets add just the right ambiance to dark evenings. We have neither the time nor the inclination to mourn summer because when you think about it Autumn is pretty frenetic. It's a season of flames and vibrant colour, a little chilly maybe, a little creepy, a little smoky, but think of pumpkins, a sky lit up with fireworks, sunflowers reaching their maximum height, and maximum beauty, and conkers [who in the world doesn't like pouncing on a conker as polished as Chippendale]. Rye Fireworks are amazing, a feast of flaming pitch- torches and witchery. Autumn can be accused of many things but being dull isn't one of them! AFTERNOON TEA AT THE BOWLS CLUB

Friday, 14th September 2018, 7:00 am

There is an afternoon tea at Iden Bowls Club [opposite The Bell Pub] to which all are welcome, on Sunday 23rd September, from 2pm-5pm, in aid of breast cancer. There will be a raffle and a tombola, tea, coffee and cake.

A SERVICE OF HOLY COMMUNION: There is a service of Holy Communion this Sunday at Iden Parish Church, at 9.30am.

CLUB COMPETITIONS AT IDEN BOWLS CLUB: Sunday, 9th September was internal competition day at Iden Bowls Club. As usual the day way was interrupted at intervals by lunch and tea breaks and a fine array of food. The 100 Up competition was won by Steph Stewart, Norman’s 2 Woods won by Ralph Morris, The Rae Wicken’s Trophy won by Pauline Harmer, Percy’s Pot competition won by Ralph Morris, The Chairman’s Trophy won by Kit Young, and the Miss May Doubles won by Steph Stewart and Colin Rankin. It was a lovely day, beautiful weather, and plenty of competitive banter.

QUIZ NIGHT AT THE BELL: Wednesday 19th September is quiz night at the Bell Inn, beginning at 7pm, for 7.30. All are welcome for a fun night to fire up the brain cells.

IN LOVE WITH A BOX OF CARROTS: Last week we had a few days in Yorkshire in a camper van. On the way home we stopped off at Bury Market, which for me was quite wonderful. My husband who hates shopping looked about to commit Hari Kari by the end of it. Have you ever been? It’s vast. For a shopaholic like me it’s the stuff dreams are made of. My head was full of possibilities for Christmas. I bought lots of presents, and trimmings, thrilled to bits with the produce alone, the meat, the breads and the array of vegetables. The onions alone were the size of kneecaps. There were boxes of different coloured baby carrots, purple, orange, yellow and pale green I felt like cooking some there and then with their wispy little tendril tips left on. “Have you ever seen such beautiful rustic carrots?”, I asked my husband who was unmoved. There is an element of cruelty in expecting men to drag around shops and markets. Most of them stood with their back to each stall looking scrunched up and bored. Their heads are not dancing with thoughts of winter casseroles and stocking fillers. Holidays are funny old things and can be a bone of contention, but I find when a contrast of interest does occur it’s usually ironed out by a nice sit down, a cup of tea, a muffin and a promise to make the next stop a Halford’s!

SLEEPING ROUGH: We collected our camper van too late to find a camp site, so we stopped overnight in a service station lorry park. It wasn’t the Ritz, but looking on the bright side, I’ve done so much night duty that bright lights and activity at night is home from home. I sat in my floor-length [peeping Tom proof] winceyette nightie, pulled up the blind and stared out at the lorries which were lit up like a circus top. There was something comforting about sharing sleeping space with a bold Eddie Stobart lorry. It must be a lonely life being a lorry-driver ferrying our goods from A to B, but at least for one night they had a star struck winceyette- clad groupie!

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