TWO VERY DIFFERENT SCENARIOS: It's funny how St. Nicholas morphed into Santa, and the Easter bunny became synonymous with Easter, so that our serious religious festivals are interspersed with humour and gift-giving. Whether I'm right or wrong, I've always seen God as someone eminently human and understanding with a sense of humour, so it seems perfectly fitting for our very different Christmas and Easter celebrations to trot side by side without losing the deeply moving religious connotation. The more frivolous traditions of Christmas and Easter are generous and caring, the times when we think of each other, and get in touch with people we care about. The idea that Easter chicks and rabbits are synonymous with Easter is charming. I'm sure God sanctions this merry accompaniment. I've always felt that God is so approachable that I could ask him if I could borrow some nutmeg and he wouldn't be offended.

Friday, 30th March 2018, 7:00 am

EASTER SERVICES: GOOD FRIDAY [30TH March]—Reflections at Playden Church at 2pm.

EASTER EVE [SATURDAY 31st March]---Compline at Iden Church at 7pm

EASTER DAY [Sunday 1st April]--- family Service at Iden Church at 9.30am.

THURSDAY [5th April]—A Service Of Thanksgiving for the late Derek Barham at Iden Church-2pm

THE IDEN VARIETY SHOW: There will be two performances of the Iden Players Variety show, entitled ‘Whatever the Weather’ on Saturday 14th April, in Iden village hall, a matinee at 2.30pm [doors open at 2pm], and an evening performance at 7.30pm [doors open at 7pm]. Tickets are available at Iden Stores, or at the Box Office [telephone 280143] to speak to Teresa Cooper, for enquiries, or if anyone is willing to donate a prize to the charity raffle, proceeds of which go to ‘The Friends Of Iden Church’ and ‘St Michael’s Hospice.’ Tickets are £8 per adult, and £4 for children under 16.

RYE AND DISTRICT DEMENTIA ACTION ALLIANCE: The A.G.M, ON Wednesday 18th April is from 6pm-8pm at ARRCC, Rye Creative Centre, Rye TN31 7LS. There will be stands, speakers and refreshments. For more information, or to register your attendance please ring 07737350896, oremail;[email protected]

MANY THANKS: Sue White would like to thank all those who helped and donated jumble and cakes, for last week’s jumble sale in aid of BACE, a Gambian Charity.

A WORD ABOUT THE DAFFODILS: Some time ago Rod Stuart instigated the planting of what has become the most wonderful ‘Host of Golden Daffodils’ in Iden’s Churchyard. Their combined yellow glow took my breath away this week, as did the rest of the daffodils dotted liberally around Iden. [thank you to all those who planted the recent profusion] Iden of course is not alone in it’s quest for carpets of daffodils, the whole area is awash with Wordsworth’s little pets, the whole country in fact. Oh daffodils are untidy old things when they die off, but when the are at their best they set fire to the soul!

LEARNING TO WHISTLE: I’ve never been able to whistle, but this morning while writing the village voice my husband has been trying to teach me [I think he’s barking up the wrong tree] You don’t have to be Ronnie Ronaldo, he said, just a little tune. No need to blow yourself unconscious either. I’ve always been rather gob-smacked by people that can whistle. No, I’m trying here, but it’s not coming, and I am beginning to feel a little light-headed. People’s attributes do vary. I once watched someone fire-eating, lying on a bed of nails then writhing on the grass while dislocating both shoulder blades. All I could think was ‘get up you stupid man or you’ll be living on Ibruprofen needing a shoulder replacement by the time you’re forty’. I’d love to be able to do just something that would make people gasp, but after this morning’s little effort it’s not going to be whistling ‘It’s A Long Way To Tipperary’. I guess some people are just born to be Joe Ordinary!


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