Illegal parking putting people at risk in Rye

Parking Chaos SUS-150319-065401001
Parking Chaos SUS-150319-065401001
  • Cars parked on pavements
  • Emergency vehicles blocked
  • People put at risk

Dangerous, irresponsible and criminal - were the words used to describe drivers who park illegally in Rye - often on pavements.

The illegal parking situation seems to have hit crisis point with numerous reports of pedestrians being forced to walk in the road to get round cars parked on the pavement.

It comes down to people driving in an idiotic and irresponsible way.

Rye Mayor

Last year there were two instances of fire engines responding to calls being blocked by illegally parked vehicles in the Rye Citadel area.

The issue was one of the main concerns raised at the recent Rye Town Meeting,

Resident John Holbrook said: “Recently in the High Street there were five cars parked on the pavement near the Nat West Bank so close to the wall that pedestrians could not get through.

“It is happening repeatedly and pavements are getting damaged.

“There was one car that parked for three days in a one hour space. There is no enforcement at all.”

Andy Stuart said: “Illegal parking is not just anti-social behaviour - it is criminal activity, so why is it not being dealt with by police?

“It is putting parents with children at risk. It means disabled people cannot access West Street. It is a major flouting of the law.”

Rye Mayor Bernardine Fiddimore said: “It is dangerous and irresponsible.

“These drivers have no regard at all for pedestrians and the situation is ongoing.

“The Highways Forum is meeting again to discuss the issue. It is high on our agenda,

“It comes down to people driving cars in an idiotic and irresponsible way and being selfish.”

Rye and Rother councillor Lord Ampthill said: “We have to take it as read that the police are not going to be active in this field.

“The only way ahead is to decriminalise parking and that has to be carefully thought through. Rye was not built for the motor car.

“Everyone’s opinion is very valuable. I think we are moving in the direction of decriminalisation.”