Inspiring people to shed the stones

Charlotte Dobson SUS-181202-091038001
Charlotte Dobson SUS-181202-091038001

A local lady who transformed her life by shedding the pounds is now inspiring others to follow in her footsteps by running Slimming World sessions.

Charlotte Dobson, 50, who works full time as an NHS administrator, lost three stone and dropped from a size 16 to size ten in less than her target ten months.

She explained: “I first joined Slimming World with a friend almost three years ago.

“I had tried other slimming clubs and self help but as soon as I’d reached a desired weight I stopped bothering and the weight piled back on.

“I was married to a chef and we inevitably ate well. I had always had a sweet tooth so when my marriage broke down chocolate became my best friend.

“With the supermarket deals at my finger tips it was easy to buy lots of treats. The problem was I wouldn’t just have one I’d eat the whole pack.

“I got into the habit of skipping breakfast and grabbing crisps and chocolate instead. The weight soon piled on.

“I always enjoyed exercise so I would go to the gym and convince myself that I’d done enough exercise which gave me the excuse to eat more.

“I was Inspired by my friend’s enthusiasm so I took the plunge and joined Slimming World. She was so enthusiastic about it.

“To start with I thought it was too good to be true. But her success was enough to convince me. So I decided not to ‘diet’ beforehand but to be honest with myself.

“I expected to be judged, frowned upon and criticised but I needn’t have worried.

“I shocked myself by how much I had let myself go. And that was it. It was time to start believing in myself, believing that I was worth it and could achieve anything. So I embarked on my journey.

“I reintroduced breakfast back into my life. With various options like full English, overnight oats or egg on toast, I was never bored and I soon started seeing the results and it wasn’t taking that long either.

“I took the time to plan meals especially taking lunch to work like pasta or homemade soup and a family meal everyone enjoyed such as cottage pie, I was never hungry.

“Friends, family, work colleagues and even my dentist, a virtual stranger, noticed the change in me which gave me the boost I needed to continue.

“I had been through a more recent relationship breakup and I think at that point realised that I needed to focus on what I wanted was for me and no one else.

I had always thought that if I was slim, even skinny, someone would want me, but soon realised it made no difference. It was the person inside that mattered.

“I always tell my children that when you get to 25 you pretty much know what you want and where you’re going in life, but it has taken me 50 years and I’m still finding new things, which is what gave me idea to help others who were struggling with their weight like I had.

“Encouraged by my friends I took the tentative steps to find out about being a Slimming World Consultant and here I am.

“I want to be out there living my life, passing my experience on to others, in order to help and support them on their weight loss journey and feeling fulfilled.

“The Slimming World Consultant role is extra to my full time job but doesn’t feel like a job.

“If I can help others achieve their dreams then what more can I do?”

Charlotte’s Slimming World group meets at All Saints Hall, in All Saints Street, Hastings Old Town, every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

If you would like to find out more about joining call 07399 541173.

For more information about Slimming World visit their website at

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