Is this the end of Hastings & Rye MP Amber Rudd’s political career?

Amber Rudd
Amber Rudd


I imagine I am not alone in seeing through the faux indignation about her 21 colleagues losing the government whip in Amber Rudd’s resignation interviews. We all know that she resigned out of pique.

When Amber initially joined forces with Boris several weeks ago it was obviously with the belief that she would be an equal partner and a guiding influence. Then, to her dismay, she was given a minor ministerial position, was forced to hear the disobliging things Dominic Cummings had to say about her, and was kept completely in the dark about prorogation and the ongoing negotiations with the EU.

When I saw her new hair style and strange behaviour in the Commons on Wednesday I knew she had finally snapped. But she chose to keep the announcement of her decision until Saturday in order to inflict maximum damage on the government. Nicky Morgan, bless her, has acted more responsibly and loyally by saying that she will stay in the room and attempt to help Boris get a deal.

I have always thought that Amber’s ambitions far exceeded her abilities or her political judgement. As someone remarked on Channel 4 News: ‘Amber Rudd always flip-flops, and who is she anyway?’

I suppose the one good thing to come out of her petulant display is that it effectively puts an end to her political career.

Hastings & Rye will soon have a new MP, hopefully someone we can respect and feel affection for, not someone whose default speaking style is that of a hectoring and nagging primary school teacher.

Also, someone capable of displaying loyalty and decency, rather than compounding the present political and constitutional difficulties we are presently facing.

Laura Lomas

Godwin Road