It’s incredible to be in Rye says Mapp and Lucia writer

Pemberton SUS-140707-115953001
Pemberton SUS-140707-115953001

Actor Steve Pemberton has spoken on how incredible it felt to be filming Mapp and Lucia with the BBC in Rye.

Steve, who features in and wrote for the series, said: “I’m just pinching myself every day, that we are here in Rye in Benson’s house and garden, but also that I’ve not only had the opportunity to play this character but adapt the scripts as well.”

Interviewed for the BBC in the garden of Lamb House, Steve said: “It has been joyful knowing the E F Benson sat, probably where I am sitting now, writing these stories.

There are lots of literary figures who lived in Rye over the years. It has a very creative vibe about it.

“I love the books so much and this has been very rewarding.”

Based on Benson’s novels about social rivals Mapp and Lucia, Steve Pemberton has adapted the much-loved waspish stories for a new BBC One three-part series, on screen later this year.

Filming has been taking place at Lamb House and in Market Street which was recreated as the busy shopping centre in Rye that it once was.

Local people will feature in the series as extras and many local tradesmen were used.